Aza’s Review – Doom (2016)

Bethesda’s fourth outing for Doom is a button mashing, gore splattered, source honouring affair. All the foreboding of Doom 3 is in play here whilst all your favourite hell demons make a welcome return (along with some new ones) for a sinew stomping bloodbath. Though game play is a little confined to the standard FPS, Doom is a helluva lot of fun.

Ahh, the return of the biggest and baddest first person shooter of ’em all is here as Doom hits next generation consoles in all its ammo chomping glory. This is button mashing at its best with a few nice features thrown in to keep the experience fresh. What makes this outing so enjoyable is that the game designers have ensured that, even when the foes outnumber you 30:1, there’s plenty of ammo, health and explodable knick knacks to help you send these demons back to hell. The inclusion of the ‘Rune Trials’ mini tasks alongside the RPG style upgrading system help keep the more repetitive elements of Doom at bay whilst you gun to make your one man army the most powerful, death dealing, hell-energy imbued killing machine this game has ever seen.

After waking on an operating table in a lab on Mars, you find the facility abandoned, decimated by violence and on the verge of self destruction. A quick encounter with a possessed demon and you soon learn that the brass of this operation were dabbling with powers that were trying to harness the powers of hell. Of course, that ended badly, and now you are here to clean up the mess. Armed with a blaster, shotgun, chain gun, plasma rifle, heavy artillery gun, chainsaw, flame thrower, rocket launcher and your bare hands – it’s off you go to clean up the mess and unravel the mystery behind it all.

For better or worse Doom doesn’t stray from formula. It’s run around, kill beasties, find keys, find secrets, destroy a nest and face off with tougher bosses. The environments, which are beautifully detailed, may change but the thrust of the game never does. This can become quite tiresome as there is no differentiation in game play (no puzzles or strategy imposed) – it’s just wander the halls and kill EVERYTHING. That’s the games greatest charm and also it’s fatal flaw. The addition of the some side challenges (rune trials) is a nice feature that breaks up then monotony of endless waves of slaughter if you get gaming fatigue here. But if you get a kick out of point blank range double barrel shotgun rounds to the head, you’ll be tirelessly entertained here.

Controls are easy and the mapping and upgrading systems are easy to navigate and manipulate. Doom is out to give you a grand old time, it doesn’t try and over complicate anything rather, it spends its time setting up atmosphere and hordes of big bads for you to send to extinction. Button. Mashing. Fun.


DOOM is out now on PS4, XBOX ONE & PC