Scout Tafoya’s Video Essay – Unloved: Alien 3

My sincerest thanks to Cain Rodriguez over at The Playlist for this heads up. Anyone who knows this big bogan Az knows that I am one die hard fan of David Fincher’s Alien 3. In fact, if you cruise on over to the iTunes store and look up Alien 3, click the ratings and reviews section and you’ll no doubt find my gushing love for it under the handle Ryf Machina. Anywho, Scout Tafoya, a blogger for, does a series of video essays called Unloved that focusses on films that were all but maligned and abandoned. His first entry was, indeed, Alien 3. It treats the picture from an artistic stand point and certainly gives credit to the film maker for its homaging and thematic references.

The symbolism of isolation, religion, godlessness, reckoning, abortion and abandonment abound in Alien 3 and it’s great to see such a different way to appreciate the film. Enjoy!

And here’s my fanboy love of Alien 3 as plastered all over iTunes.

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