Government Funding Cuts On The ABC Show Their Impact

The ABC announced today what various services will be closed due to the $254m in cuts over the next five years that the Abbott Government announced last week by Communications Minister Malcolm Turncoat… ahhh.. Turnbull. And here we go (via

    • The Federal Government will cut $254 million over five years from the ABC budget
    • More than 400 ABC staff – close to 10 per cent – could lose their jobs
    • Back-office and overhead savings will fund the $207 million that would be cut from the ABC’s budget from July 2015
    • A national 7.30 program on Fridays will replace the current state 7.30 editions
    • Lateline will be moved to a new fixed timeslot on ABC News 24
    • Foreign bureaux will be restructured to create “multiplatform hubs” and a new Beirut post will be opened
    • ABC Local, Radio National and ABC Classic FM programming will be changed
    • There will be an overhaul of ABC TV’s sports coverage
    • There will be a new regional division and ABC Digital Network, to begin in mid-2015, and a $20 million digital investment fund

Welcome to life in the Abbottoir. Everything sacred gets slaughtered for no viable reason and may our cultural significance be squandered once again for cost savings/profits.

SBS have yet to announce any changes to their line up.