Aussie Artist Spotlight – ANGELTHEORY

The brainchild of Melbourne musician Charles Fenech, ANGELTHEORY first appeared on the independent music scene back in 2002. Set itself apart on the dance music scene by fusing stirring electronic samples with atmospheric sonic soundscapes, ANGELTHEORY delivered the EP Transmission in 2003 and followed it up with 2 albums Fatal Condition and Repossession. A constant need for re-invention, Fenech took a complete departure from his established sound to deliver 2010’s The Death Of Angels and subsequently found ANGELTHEORY touring the United States and Europe whilst amassing a huge international following.

Like all great Australian artists, Fenech is not one to rest on his laurels and this year ANGELTHEORY released Encrypted Relics, yet another departure from the outfits continually progressive sound. A wholly independent release, Encrypted Relics delivers a more direct and urgent listen than the bands previous outings. Check em out one time, won’t you?

Visit the website where you’ll find more tracks and access to albums, videos and interviews.