Sizzler ’77 Trailer

Melbourne independent film making machine Timothy Spanos returns with this gleefully camp cop thriller Sizzler ’77!

Synopsis: Sizzler ’77 is set in the summer of 1977, two detective inspectors are on a quest to apprehend a mysterious and depraved criminal who has been infiltrating the prostitution rackets in Melbourne. While on the case, the prostitutes tired of the abuse have ideas of their own.

Sizzler ’77 is a new independent film by the independent filmmaker Timothy Spanos of Boronia Boys, Nancy Nancy and Prisoner Queen Starring Alan King, Terry Yeboah, Oti Willoughby, Ryan Heath and Tim Burns. It will be released on DVD and Blu ray next year.

Tim Spanos’ work in praised throughout the Australia, Europe and the United States. The Age describes his body of work as ‘a series of cheeky, oddly tender, comedies’ and that ‘Timothy Spanos is one of the unsung heroes of Australian independent cinema.’