Silenced Trailer

Oscar Nominee James Spione’s new documentary Silenced tells the story of 3 whistleblowers and their journeys in post 9/11 United States.

John Kiriaku, Jesselyn Radack and Thomas Drake make up the subjects and we go on their passages through scrutiny, persecution and their sheer strength in standing up for what they believe in.

This from Edward Snowden [via indiewire]:

“Having seen what happened to the people that came before, specifically Thomas Drake, it was an intimidating thing… I’d realized that the highest likelihood, the most likely outcome of returning this information to public hands would be that I would spend the rest of my life in prison,” Snowden told the National Press Club this past spring. “Thomas Drake showed us that even if you’re a real classic [whistleblower, revealing] waste, fraud, and abuse in a program… there’s a very good chance the FBI will kick in your door…”