Sony Pulls The Pin On Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs Pic

The tumultuous pre production of Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic has been officially put in turnaround at Sony, so Deadline reports. Originally lining up David Fincher to direct before he exited and Danny Boyle came on, the film had so much turbulence in casting with names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper bandied about to take the titular role but no-one has been secured at this point. Deadline as suggests Universal is circling the film but for my money, let this one go. Considering last years much maligned ‘Jobs’ with Ashton Kutcher (who actually got good notices for it) couldn’t make a significant impact at the box office, why would you bother retreading the same ground so soon?

This film will get made, mark my words, but I think we’re 10-20 years away from when it should be.

Now, Sony, let’s talk about Ghostbusters 3 and shelving that puppy too!