Aza’s 2 Line Review – The Endless River (2014) – Pink Floyd

As Their Swan Song, Pink Floyd’s Final Musical Experience Is Unmistakably Them & Is Definitely A Sequel To The Division Bell. An Album Of Soundscapes and Atmosphere That Will Pleasure Fans & Surprise New Listeners.

Pink Floyd are definitely the pioneers of the concept album, this new edition is no exception and frontman David Gilmour lifts The Endless River‘s name from a lyric in the final track from 1994’s The Division Bell song High Hopes. The Endless River is an ambient, mostly instrumental journey comprised of works of staggering sound production and atmospheric indulgences. It’s truly a refreshing change from the standard musical releases we get these days, but it’s also one any Pink Floyd fan will be all too familiar with.

The main songs that make up the basis of The Endless River were actually recorded in jam sessions around The Division Bell recording period and the link between the albums is undeniable. The most striking feature of the album is that the language of Gilmour’s lead guitar, which acts as its own voice, gives The Endless River such character and evocation. The album meanders, dissolves and envelops you as only the Floyd know how. As much as the album is the new, there are elements of classic Pink Floyd sounds littered throughout with spacial synthesisers, long singular haunted guitar solos and multimedia overdubs.

The album works as one entire piece as the songs quietly blend into each other as you traverse from intimacy to grandiose in a technically seamless delivery. The sheer musicianship and sound production on The Endless River is a feat all its own even for those who might not like it, it is almost impossible not to appreciate the pain staking efforts Pink Floyd went to in making it.

The absence of Roger Waters on the album is noticeable but only the mega fans would see this as a detraction from proceedings but all in all The Endless River is something of an odyssey of sound. It’s a different kind of musical experience and one that gives more rewards than losses. As a farewell to the Floyd, The Endless River is a fitting send off.


The Endless RIver