‘Literally I Can’t’ – The Worst Song Of The Century – Causing RedFoo Big Problems…

Playz-N-Skillz latest ‘song’ (I actually don’t know if you can call it that) that features The X Factor Australia host Redfoo is causing quite a stir in this great brown land of ours due to its blatantly sexist and irresponsible video & lyrics. Basically, the video is every misogynistic male’s fantasy come to life with a bunch of ditzy sorority sisters rocking up to frat party and being coerced into throwing their inhibitions out the door, getting the gear off, getting drunk and turning themselves into sex objects under the constant pressure of these rap stars. Yes there’s loads of drinking, girl on girl wrestling, plenty of ogling and over sexualised situations but the greatest crime this nauseating garbage commits is what it tries to pass off as music.

It sounds exactly like an LMFAO track, or a sample loop out of Garageband repeated ad-nauseum, but it’s the lyrics where the greatest crime against humanity has been committed.

When the lyrics ask the girls ‘tequila’, ‘girl on girl?’ and more down that line, the girls respond vapidly with ‘Literally I Can’t’…

The vocalists then respond with ‘Shut The Fuck Up!’

Luke Dennehy tore this a new one over on the Herald Sun citing the blatant sexism and Redfoo’s role on national television.

RedFoo has been on damage control ever since the video launched via twitter and the media.

FasterLouder.com are reporting that there are calls for RedFoo to be removed from The Voice.

Overnight, two separate petitions asking for Channel Seven to remove Redfoo from his position as a judge on The X Factor have emerged. One Change.org petition – called You literally can’t rehire RedFoo, of course – has reached over 7,000 supporters, while feminist organisation Destroy the Joint is asking those unhappy with the video to let Channel 7 know. The Herald Sun, meanwhile, wrote that it “understands the American won’t return next series”.

Check out the song and leave your comments below:

This is a crime against music, a crime against women and an insult to musicians worldwide.

– Aaron Rowlands