Aza’s 2 Line Review – 1989 (2014) – Taylor Swift

America’s Answer to Delta Goodrem With Considerably More Talent Returns With An Album Full Of Chart Toppers. Sure, I Had to Pretend I Was A 16 Year Old Girl With An Instagram Addiction To Get Through It But For All It’s Worth 1989 Is An Infectious Listen.

Yes ye olde Azman man donned his ra-ra skirt, totes got out his iPhone, selfie’d his ass off and yolo’d his way through listening to Taylor Swift’s new release 1989. Granted, this isn’t an album I would normally even acknowledge exists and I am definitely not the target audience but in the interests of the Lowdown Under team (of which you, dear reader, are a part of) I thought I’d give it a spin. For 24 years old, Swift’s deft ability to write pop songs is actually incredibly impressive.

This sound is a pretty standard offering of modern pop and given none of these tracks never go past the 4 minute 30 mark, 1989 is totally engineered for major radio air play. It’s suitably populated with tracks boasting themes of young love, obsessive girly bullshit and all the heavy philosophical musings on life that a 24 year old rhymer can muster. None of 1989 is hard to listen to at all, it’s meticulously constructed, effectively catchy pop confections that come at you one after the other. From tots to teens to a fair wedge of adults, this album will be a big hit for summer.

From opener Welcome To New York you’re hit with a wall of soon-to-be-choreograph-danced-to hits like Blank Space, Out Of The Woods, All You Had To Do Was Stay, the already smash Shake It Off, Wildest Dreams and Wonderland but to name a few. The whole album is totally driven to be a pop hit and, although it’s loaded with over production (everything is auto tuned and polished within an inch of its sonic life), there’s little doubt you can put in front of Swift’s star power given this is the sort of music she’s making.

If you’re looking for a bit of big silly, girly fun that the kiddies will love and your inner cheerleader will want to groove to you won’t go wrong with 1989.

(p.s. Az needs a lie down)

1989 by TAYLOR SWIFT is out now.