Aza’s 2 Line Review – Nostalgia – Annie Lennox

The Dulcet Tones Of Ms Lennox Shine Once Again On This Collection Of Covers. Soulful, Beautifully Produced & Gloriously Mature.

What’s not to love about Annie Lennox? Her evocative vocal range that enamoured us all from an early age when she fronted the Eurythmics has lost none of its potency on this new album of covers. Traversing songs from the bygone era of America, Lennox’s disarming vocal is a breath of fresh air on these 12 selections.

There’s something adult about this 3rd outing of covers from Lennox, it’s a disciplined, sublimely constructed album that isn’t interested in wow factor as much as a respectful and cared for reworking of these songs. The arrangements are soulful and atmospheric with something of a vocal departure for Lennox adding a new depth to them. This is a step into new territory for Lennox vocally and a welcome one.

With stand outs such as Memphis In June, Summertime, I Put A Spell On You, Strange Fruit, You Belong To Me and Mood Indigo (all the tracks work, mind you) there’s lots to savour here. In a musical climate where every album has to have a loud bombast to get attention, along comes Nostalgia that strips it all right back, slows it all down and haunts the listener instead. And what a welcome sea change it is.

Much like George Michael’s Symphonica (except not live) this is a really mature and giving listening experience. One that fans will embrace straight away and those looking for something with substance will be pleasantly surprised.