Iron Man Will Appear In Captain America 3

With no plans to make Iron Man 4, Robert Downey Jr is in for a supporting role in Captain America 3. What’s the bet RDJ’s pay check will be bigger than Chris Evans’ anyway! Robert Downey Jr isn’t actually signed to anymore movies with Marvel after Avengers 3. Captain America 3 is set to be based on the Marvel Civil Wars series that will see Billionaire Tony Stark become the big bad against Captain Steve Rogers.

Rodrigo Perez over at The Playlist reports that:

Apparently the deal [for RDJ in Cap 3] almost fell through — there was some serious drama around the negotiations. One has to wonder if Downey Jr.’s recent “super hero movies are getting old” barbs were delivered during the full stalemate. The studio evidently nearly wrote his character out of the movie altogether, but clearly a deal was reached. This film will mark a new phase of Marvel with heroes pitted against friends in a moral conundrum that will lead to “The Avengers 4.”

Are you ready for Stark to go dark?