U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Oct 10 – 12, 2014

gone_girlNot even the greatest bloodsucker of them all could stop Gone Girl (3,284 screens) from retaining pole position for its 2nd weekend. David Fincher’s hit raked in another $26.8m, off an $8,161 screen average, to bring its domestic haul to $78.28m. Fwar! It’s even more impressive considering the film came with a $61m production budget and has a solid R rating. It’s a water cooler movie, love it or hate it, people are talking about it and add to that the source novel’s fan base… Bang! Look at that box office. This will be David Fincher’s highest grossing film since The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button ($127m domestically) with a solid $110m most likely here.

Dracula Untold (2,885 screens) pulled a like for like screen average as Gone Girl with $8,131 to generate a $23.5m opening weekend. That ain’t bad for the genre pic that has no real lead star power and leveraging off the character to sell it. For a horror-esque title, it’s the 2nd is as many weeks that has grossed over $20m (Annabelle hit $35m opening weekend) and gives the genre a nice sigh of relief. Solid international performance has helped the film, which a planned first instalment in a new stream of Universal monster movies, recoup on its $70m production budget. Great news is, this will have huge legs on the home entertainment front as well. $60m finish.

Alexander & The Incredibly Overlong Title (3,088 screens) took in $19.1m on its opening weekend which is a solid start given it is not in holidays and really only made an impact Saturday/Sunday. A solid $6,185 screen average is a great indicator that the Steve Carell lead flick has legs. There’s $70m here as there’s no kids competition in cinemas outside of the latin infused The Book Of Life (17/10) until November 7 when Disney releases their next animated flick Big Hero 6.

Annabelle (3,215 screens) got the blood sucked out of her by Dracula Untold and fell 55% week on week to take $16.37m for her 2nd weekend. Still, it’s a strong 2nd weekend gross and the film has now grossed $62.16m off the back of a $6m, yes $6m, production budget. This will be Warners most profitable release of 2014 and it should go on to gross $85m before it finishes.

The Judge (3,003 screens) got judged alright as the $50m budgeted flick fizzled at the box office with a $13.33m opening weekend. The Robert Downey Jr starrer, that was met with middling reviews, just didn’t get the cut through to climb the rankings and a $30m top end finish is most likely here.

Addicted (846 screens) smashed a home run for its opening weekend, taking in $7.6m off an $8,983 svreen average. This African American low budget thriller which is a part of Lionsgate concentrated production output to the demographic went in on a tight release and delivered.

In Cinemas Friday October 17, 2014 – The Book of Life, Fury, The Best of Me, Dear White People, Men Women & Children, Birdman, Camp X-Ray, St. Vincent

Figures From Box Office Mojo

TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
1 1 Gone Girl Fox $26,800,000 -28.6% 3,284 +270 $8,161 $78,281,000 $61 2
2 N Dracula Untold Uni. $23,457,000 2,885 $8,131 $23,457,000 $70 1
3 N Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day BV $19,100,000 3,088 $6,185 $19,100,000 $28 1
4 2 Annabelle WB (NL) $16,365,000 -55.9% 3,215 +30 $5,090 $62,156,000 $6.5 2
5 N The Judge WB $13,330,000 3,003 $4,439 $13,330,000 $50 1
6 3 The Equalizer Sony $9,725,000 -48.1% 3,117 -119 $3,120 $79,885,000 $55 3
7 N Addicted LGF $7,600,000 846 $8,983 $7,600,000 1
8 5 The Maze Runner Fox $7,500,000 -35.5% 3,072 -533 $2,441 $83,840,000 $34 4
9 4 The Boxtrolls Focus $6,676,000 -44.3% 3,270 -194 $2,042 $41,032,000 $60 3
10 6 Left Behind (2014) Free $2,909,000 -53.8% 1,887 +62 $1,542 $10,920,000 $16 2