Aza’s 2 Line Review – Lift A Sail (2014) – Yellowcard

Yellowcard Return With Their Best Album Since Lights & Sounds. A Pumping, Anthemic Rock Work That’s Got More Than A Few Standouts In Its Hand!

Being a long time fan of Yellowcard since 2003’s Ocean Avenue, it’s been a checkered trajectory of albums for the punk fused Floridian rockers. They really broke out with their 2006 cracker Lights & Sounds an album of blisteringly brilliant effeverscent rock anthems and followed it up with another ripper in 2007’s Paper Walls. Paper Walls further increased their international cred with the hit Light Up the Sky and its subsequent tour in 2007 to which, in April 2008, Yellowcard announced an ‘indefinite hiatus’ and canned the European leg of their tour. Why? So the members of the band could get their shit together pretty much. Which they did. Jump to 2010 and the boys were back with When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes which harked back to the 1997-2003 early days of Yellowcard and whilst it had bright moments, it wasn’t the gutsy thumping outing this return effort could’ve been. Following that was 2012’s Southern Air, a solid effort but again lacking that oomph to fill an album..

Welcome to 2014. Welcome Lift a Sail.

A re-invested and focussed Yellowcard return with their most impressive album since Lights & Sounds. The whole album works from the opening strings mood setter of Convocation through to the fist pumping lead single Transmission Home. The boys have always known how to write cranking rock riffs and here they are right on game. It’s all there, catchy choruses, overdrive rhythm, swirling strings, thunderous drums, big hearted lyrics and insistent progression.

There is so much to enjoy here and it is instantly accessible. Newbies and fans alike will churn through scorchers like Crash The Gates, Illuminate, The Deepest Well, Lift a Sail & My Mountain whilst also being reminded of the cruisier side of the band with One Bedroom, Fragile & Dear and the closer California. The album is a solid reminder of what makes Yellowcard truly great. Ryan Key’s falsetto is a clean and crisp as its ever been, Sean Mackin’s violin never hides in the background, Josh Portman’s bass is juiced up to give these tracks a real meatiness and Ryan Mendez on the skins gives it thunder.

Lift a Sail is  a stunning return to form for Yellowcard, a cracking rock album for anyone who misses pumping band work and is bound to be a high rotation player for summer down here at The Lowdown Under.


Lift a sail