Aza’s 2 Line Review – Art Official Age – Prince

Prince-ART-OFFICIAL-AGE_01The Breeziest & Most Accessible Album From the Purple One In Years. Magnificently Captures The Sounds of 1980’s Shimmering Synth Pop In All Its Winning Glory Whilst Also Serving As Prince’s Most Radio Friendly Since Love Symbol!

There is no doubt, either which way you think of Prince, that he is an immeasurable talent. The prolific artist has been creating music for near on 40 years and has delivered some of the most iconic music for its time. His delving into jazz and concept work, which pretty much took over his career from the mid 90’s to now, is a showcase of just how talented Prince is. His willingness to explore soundscapes, with that signature funk and falsetto, has earned him one of the most dedicated fan bases and his mantle in the halls of musical history greats.

So it was with eager anticipation that I hit play on his new album Art Official Age, wondering whether I was going to be greeted with another musical odyssey that challenged me or satisfy me? It’s a pleasure to report that the album is such breezy and joyous surprise you’ll be hard pressed not to enjoy it. It’s instantly recognisable homage to 80’s synth pop make you feel like you’re welcoming back Prince from the glory years – I kept waiting for Controversy, Little Red Corvette and 1999 to pop in somewhere.

From the disco anthem opener of Art Official Cage, the album is squarely aimed at pop market and is loaded with vocal effects work to appease the modern music crowd. But it’s when Clouds kicks in, the albums 2nd track, that the warm fuzzy of the Prince we know and love kicks in – also check out the amazing The Gold Standard for more of it! There’s a real warmth to the entire album with notable nods to Breakdown, Breakfast Can Wait, This Could Be Us and Way Back Home. Prince’s lyrical addiction to beauty, sex, love and women is alive and in full force throughout Art Official Age, and he’s lost none of his potency in this area.

Art Official Age showcases an artist still at the top of his game even with nearly 40 years in the game. The fans will love this and newly initiated will get a retro sentimental feel throughout. This is a real winner and welcome return to form from Prince!