Stretch Releases 3 New Clips

Joe Carnahan’s new film Stretch, that was set to be released by Universal Pictures but got pulled (more on that below), has released 3 new clips to set the interwebs a sizzle. Chronicling the story of a chauffeur who takes a job as a billionaire’s driver and has his life made hell by the man, Stretch stars Chris Pine, Patrick Wilson, Jessica Alba, Norman Reedus, Ray Liotta and James Badge Dale.

Producer Jason Blum told collider “What happened with it was that all of the movies that we make, we don’t announce and date them wide until they’re finished. We got ahead of ourselves with Stretch and dated the movie. The movie is no different than a lot of the movies that we’ve done that haven’t gone wide, like Catherine Hardwicke’s movie Plush, Barry Levinson’s movie The Bay, Rob Zombie’s movie The Lords of Salem. It fits not genre wise, but model wise. It’s gonna come out, but it’s just not gonna be on 3,000 screens. It’s gonna be on 300 screens. It’s gonna be a limited release, not a wide release. So, you guys will get to see the movie, and I will bet you a nickel that, when you see the movie, you’ll be like, “Oh, my god, this is really cool!” It was our mistake. The movie is more quirky and independent-feeling than Joe [Carnahan] or I anticipated it would be, so it belongs with that kind of distribution, as opposed to wide distribution.” – Collider