Deadpool Movie Resurfaces At Fox!

The long gestating, then shelved, then shifting to oblivion stand alone film for Marvel’s Deadpool character (as played by Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is being put back on the simmer at Twentieth Century Fox. Figuring that the rights to the Deadpool character, who is a part of the X-Men Universe, is probably due to expire Fox are looking to ramp him up as they attempt to revive their flailing marvel enterprises.

Recent test footage screenings shot for a Deadpool film set the twitterverse ablaze with overwhelming positivity.

There’s a new Fantastic Four coming next year, the Fox house successfully re-energised X-Men and there’s another Wolverine movie too so Fox/Marvel products aren’t stopping any time soon. As for Deadpool, you’ll see him hit cinemas February 12, 2016 though it is not known if Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role (though most likely).

The great thing about Deadpool is that he is a smart-ass. Quick witted, razor sharp tongued, sarcastic and inherently anarchic – he’ll make a great stand alone feature and one that should attract a tougher rating.

Tim Miller shot the test footage and there is a script that has been written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (the guys behind Zombieland) and can be downloaded of the internet.