Aza’s 2 Line Review – Into The Storm

into_the_stormTwister-Lite Knock-Off Is All That And A Whole Lot Worse. Insufferably Idiotic, Utterly Lazy & Distancing Digital Effects Overuse Can’t Redeem One Part Of This [insert multi hyphenate expletive here] Film.

Seriously, why do I do this to myself? Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we allow, with our hard earned dollars, ourselves to be slapped in the face with such insulting gimmick-laden rubbish? These were the questions that kept bashing my brain as I endured this mercifully short 89 minute mess. There’s not one ounce of originality or creativity in Into The Storm, just a premise that clearly came from the exec table where someone said ‘Hey, I watched Twister last night, we should make one on the cheap!’ and they all went ‘YEAH MAN!’

So a bunch of storm chasers set out to track and document one of the most severe weather patterns in history. That’s the plot line of Twister.

So a bunch of storm chasers set out to track and document one of the most severe weather patterns in history. That’s the plot line of Into The Storm.

The only difference between them is that this new puppy is done found footage style (insert yawn, bored now, please make it stop, Blair Witch booger nose) and the locals get in on the act with their smartphones.

Steven Quale’s film, if you can really it call it one, has absolutely no idea how to wrangle any sort of emotional pay off in John Swetnam’s (Step Up All In) napkin width script. The characters are wafer thin, the dialogue photocopied and the dramatic peril so implausible it’s actually hard to distinguish who’s who and who cares anyway as everything shakes, flies apart and thunders relentlessly.  The film is wholly reliant on the fact that you’re coming in for the visual effects bonanza that are digital tornadoes.

In fact, the film’s utter reliance on digital effects is so overt that all the noise and pixellated blur does exactly the opposite of its intention. It pushes you out of the film rather than excite or impress you. It reminded me of watching Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, Into The Storm is a product that is more interested in gimmick and branding than story. The purest example of this is the fact there is no real pay off here, there’s no journey to go on, there’s no-one to identify with. It just starts, cuts in with dark clouds, loud noises, wanton destruction, digital effects everything and then it ends.

The cast, sort of led by Richard Armitage (The Hobbit Trilogy), are all servicing their almost non-existent characters but again, they are playing 2nd fiddle to computer wizardry. As much as Twister is a gimmick film too, Michael Crichton & Anne Marie Martin did try to inject some human drama into proceedings amongst all the carnage & product placement. Not so here, obligatory ADHD attention span timed set up and BAM Tornado Alley!

Into The Storm is a dismissive and insipid cinema experience that’s lacks any soul or originality. I know films are made to make money, they’re designed to hook in an audience and deliver an experience. When the films’ sole purpose is a gimmick as flaccid as this one, it’s hard not to lose faith in the blockbuster industry.

INTO THE STORM is in Cinemas NOW