The 6th Festival Of Dangerous Ideas Kicks Off In Sydney!

Presented by the Sydney Opera House & St James Ethics Centre comes the 6th annual Festival Of Dangerous Ideas. This, alongside the celebrated Melbourne Writers Festival (which closes tomorrow), are the most energizing of cultural festivals as they are all about (as this ones namesake says0 ideas. Everything we see, do, eat, read, write, listen to, touch or interact with all came from an idea somewhere in that spongy grey matter between the ears and this festival puts ideas in the spotlight with noted speakers and mountains of inquisitive minds.

This weekend Aug 30 – 31, 2014 you have the chance to engage events involving Salman Rushdie, Malcolm Fraser, Emily Nussbaum, Elizabeth Kolbert, Alissa Nutting, Pussy Riot, John Pilger, Steven Pinker, Mark Latham, Ragip Zarakolu and John Hewson.

Tune into #QandA on the ABC Monday night @ 9.30pm as it comes live from the festival itself!

Check out the slate Here

This, from the website:

About: Entering its 6th year, The Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI), presented in association with St James Ethics Centre, is part of the year-round Ideas at the House program of the Sydney Opera House.

Over one weekend, leading thinkers and culture creators from around the world will take to the stage to bring contentious ideas to the fore and challenge mainstream thought and opinion.

Speakers at the festival are asked to take their ideas to its extreme to create lively and thought-provoking discussions. Our aim is for audiences to leave each session having experienced the excitement of dangerous ideas being brought to life, and having heard arguments being debated that have made them look at things in a different light.

This year, our speakers will be tackling issues that will have us questioning our view of ourselves and our place in the world. Whether they are ideas about loneliness, masculinity, narcissism, complicity in modern slavery, the buying and selling of women or the return of the class system in Australia—they will jolt our view of who we are and where we fit in.

Previous FODI guests have included Julian Assange, Sam Harris, Alan Dershowitz, Jonathan Safran Foer, Christopher Hitchens, Germaine Greer, Susan Greenfield, Dambisa Moyo, Geoffrey Robertson, David Simon, Dan Savage amongst others. We welcome a stellar new cast of speakers to FODI 2014.

Take your time to explore the site and find out more about all FODI has to offer and prepare to unleash the unspoken.


The Festival of Dangerous Ideas is part of the year round Ideas at the House program of the Sydney Opera House. It presents ideas, conversation and debate from leading thinkers and culture creators in a series of talks and festivals including All About Women. Ideas at the House is also available online and you can catch up on past talks and unique content here.


Few pairings might seem more unlikely than that of an Opera House and an Ethics Centre. Yet, it is this unlikely coupling that conceived, curates and presents FODI. So why form a partnership in the first place? Since the time of Socrates’ condemnation and execution, ethics has been dangerous. We stand in the tradition of those who dare to think the ‘unthinkable’, question our assumptions and challenge us to act. FODI celebrates that possibility – and extends that tradition to all who come. Find out more.

While we believe in freedom of speech the views and opinions expressed by the speakers are not necessarily that of the Sydney Opera House and our partners.