Stephen’s 2 Line Review – The Inbetweeners 2

Bodily fluids a-go-go in this sophomore big screen outing. Grossly funny.

The Inbetweeners 2 sees the hapless foursome of English twenty somethings make their way down under for their sophomore big screen outing since graduating from TV and no Australian stereotype has been left unturned. In fairness, as the majority of the film focuses on their back packing adventures from Sydney to Byron and into the outback, there’s plenty of shit flung at the Brits too. Sometimes quite literally.

Bodily fluid jokes and cheap titillation rule as writing and directing duo Damon Beesly and Iain Morris once steer the delinquent English foursome that includes Simon Bird as the brainy Will, James Buckley as sex-pervert Jay, Joe Thomas as the comparatively sweet Simon and Blake Harrison as the utterly gormless Neil.

There’s precious little actual wit here, other than a fairly spot on lampooning of faux hippies cashing in their trust funds, and yet despite the lowest going for the lowest common denominator for the most part, there’s an undeniable charm shared by the four leads that draws you in despite your best intentions.

Very squarely aimed at the boys, despite some quite woefully sexist stuff, with Tamla Kari given the thoroughly thankless task of playing Simon’s obsessive girlfriend Lucy, there is also some great spunk on show from Emily Berrington’s gap year-going Katie, proving a possible love interest for Will.

As obvious and cringe-worthy as it all is, awash in a sea of crass innuendo, you do find yourself relenting, with a stray guffaw or two at dead dolphins or wee face in the desert, or Will’s hopelessly off-key serenading. There’s even the briefest skerrick of actual emotion as the boys face certain dehydrated death in the red centre, linking hands in nice nod to Toy Story 3. Just don’t bring the kids to this one.

Stephen A Russell