Marvel Punishes Fan Film Featuring Frank Castle

The Dead Can't Be DistractedAs reported by CBR, The House of Ideas, aka Disney-owned Marvel, has served up a cease-and-desist letter on an outstanding fan-made Punisher film by Mike Pecci.

Pecci’s The Dead Can’t Be Distracted, based on the popular run by Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto and starring a swoonsome Nick Apostolides, received this forthright demand: “Immediately stop [the] unauthorized use, advertising, sale and/or distribution of any production of The Punisher or any other Marvel character-based films.”

While Marvel has shown leniency towards fan-made films starring their stable of superheros in the past, most notably with Dirty Laundry, starring former big screen Frank Castle Thomas Jane and Hellboy’s Ron Perlman, this time the comic book publishing house has set loose the lawyers, vengeance -style.

Considering just how bad the previous ‘official’ The Punisher adaptations have been, including the dodgy 1980s Dolph Lundgren effort, the equally-dire Jane vehicle in 2004 and third time unlucky Ray Stevenson-starring Punisher: War Diaries in 2008, you think they’d want the good press.

The internet is alive with a plethora of heroic fan films including Joel Schumacher-beating versions of everyone’ favourite moody cape, Batman. What this will mean for this filmic version of fan fiction remains to be seen, but us Lowdowunderers will certainly be sad to see less lycra on the web if the suits crack down.