Legendary Pictures & Warner Bros To Part Ways

legendary-pictures-logoIt’s been a bit of a rough ol’ trot for Warner Bros this year after the bath they took on Jack The Giant Slayer, Gangster Squad & The Incredible Burt Wonderstone among others. They’ll be thanking their lucky stars that Man Of Steel, The Great Gatsby & The Hangover Part III kicked big goals. One of the major trump cards Warner Bros. had over the last decade has been their production partnership with Legendary Pictures. Between the pair they have co-produced The Dark Knight Trilogy, 42, Due Date, The Hangover Trilogy, 300, Inception, 10,000 BC etc (there’s over 40 flicks on the list I could go through). Rumour had it that Legendary wanted to part ways with the WB for some time with talk of them shopping themselves around to the other majors.

Well now with all the big corporate reshuffling in the WB brass it turns out that talks to negotiate a renewal of the contract with Legendary have ceased and that once this cycle is finished It’s adios muchachos.

Legendary Pictures still have Pacific Rim, Warcraft, Crimson Peak, Godzilla, Cyber and Seventh Son on the way.
It’s a sting for Warner Bros given the box office clout this partnership has produced and there’s no doubt that the likes of Universal, Sony, Fox, Paramount, Lionsgate etc will all be chomping at the bit to get a meeting lined up with these guys!

More soon!