Jurassic Park IV Slated For 2015 & Will Be In 3-D.

jurassic_park_ver2Just incase you wanted update on the next franchise cash grab it looks as though Jurassic Park IV will head into cinemas in 2015 and, of course, will be in 3D.

It was originally slated for 2014 but director Colin Trevorrow and team have pushed back the release to give “adequate time to bring audiences the best possible version of the fourth installment.” – The Playlist. It’s a nice way of saying the script is shit and possibly too expensive to accommodate so we’re gonna re-write it – where’s Damien Lindelof?

The Playlist asserts that this leaves many questions unanswered as to the direction of the new entry. With a fair whack of the art department work done, a crew already hired (and now retrenched) and rumours of disagreements amongst the big wigs it’s going to be interesting to see where they are intending to go with part four.

Being that we’re all creatures of habit my gut tells me this will be just another handful of disposable humans running around in tall grass and getting picked off by big digital lizards.