Aussie Weekend Box Office Round Up June 13 – 16, 2013 (Toldya! Fast 6 Holds #1, Gatsby Strong On #2, The Internship Ok #3, Despicable Me 2 Shines In #4 & After Earth Disappoints For #5)

Fast And Furious 6FAST & FURIOUS 6 (490 screens) held out the top spot as predicted with a 60% fall to pull in a very healthy $4.68m to sustain a strong screen average of $9,558. The film has now crossed $20.12m here, crossing it in 11 days and has firmly cemented this entry as the biggest F&F flick ever released here too. What’s even more impressive is that, under the weight of publicity for After Earth & The Internship Fast 6 grossed more than them combined and it’s in week 2. Depending on how much of a bite World War Z is going to take there is every chance FF6 can gross near $30m domestically.

The Great GatsbyTHE GREAT GATSBY (566 screens) held onto 2nd with a 395 drop off to gross $2.77m. On a screen average of $4,892 good ol’ Gatters has now crossed $19.2m domestically and should be able to kick up to $26m before it bows out. Gatsby is still laying waste to everything in the art houses (seriously the limited top ten is a dead zone this week) and that screen count is your tell tale sign as it’s the widest release in the market. In other good news, Gatsby is smashing U.S. pro rata and is currently sitting on 13.74%.


The InternshipTHE INTERNSHIP (263 screens) opens in 3rd with $2.3m, which is better than U.S. with a pro rata result of 13.29% and a screen average of $8,816. Given the star tour you would’ve thought that would kick it up a notch to take #1 but it just couldn’t get there. The Internship has got its work cut out now to earn some decent bank as there is a slew of big profile holiday fodder opening this week and next. Being there is no adult skew comedy coming into the market place for a few weeks will work in the films favour but with the kiddies grabbing mum and dad to take them to Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University it ain’t gonna be easy. An $8m result seems most likely.

despicable-me-2-poster-2-378x600DESPICABLE ME 2 (395 screens) smashed it’s Saturday/Sunday sneaks and delivered a $2.18m result. This is made even more special by the fact that the sessions were along the lines of 1-2 per day depending where you were. Given that everything below it were either on full sessions or split sessions (1-2 day sessions and 1 eve) Despicable Me 2 kicked some serious ass! My money is on this one beating Monsters University at the box office when they go head to head from Thursday. I’m putting $27m on this puppy.


After EarthAFTER EARTH (258 screens) disappoints for 5th with a $1.875m, which is about 6.93% pro rata. Soft. On a screen average of $7,268, it’s not an abject disaster by any means, but with the clout of Will Smith you’d be forgiven for thinking it would’ve done better. Having said that the film has copped pretty bad reviews globally and with World War Z this weekend and Man Of Steel the week after this one’s prognosis ain’t great. This is gonna finish up around $5-$6m.


The Hangover Part 3THE HANGOVER PART III (303 screens) gets a mention as, after 4 weeks of trade, the film has crossed $20.2m domestically. This will be the lowest grossing of the series, but when your low end is $20m hey that ain’t no small undertaking!




Nothing worthwhile to report here apart from the resilience of The Reluctant Fundamentalist (26 screens) to hold the top spot with $70,464 to bring its gross to $527,820. Mud (3 screens) opened  with the country’s highest screen average on $15,020 and proved that tight, boutique releases can earn when you keep it small.


Figures from MPDAA


Rank Film Week Dist Weekend Box Screens Sc Avg Lifetime Diff Last Week
1 FAST & FURIOUS 6 2 UNI $4,683,316 490 $9,558 $20,124,478 -58%
2 THE GREAT GATSBY 3 RDS $2,768,633 566 $4,892 $19,226,466 -39%
3 THE INTERNSHIP 1 FOX $2,318,571 263 $8,816 $2,318,571 NEW
4 DESPICABLE ME 2 P/V UNI $2,177,245 395 $5,512 $2,177,245 NEW
5 AFTER EARTH 1 SON $1,875,029 258 $7,268 $1,971,102 NEW
6 THE HANGOVER PART III 4 RDS $834,971 303 $2,756 $20,239,212 -57%
7 STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 6 PAR $246,758 167 $1,478 $15,973,254 -60%
8 IRON MAN 3 8 DIS $126,588 93 $1,361 $39,169,421 -70%
9 THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES 6 RDS $71,144 56 $1,270 $2,745,337 -48%
10 THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST 4 RIA $70,464 26 $2,710 $527,820 -23%


Rank Film Week Dist Weekend Box Screens Sc Avg Lifetime Diff Last Week
1 THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST 4 RIA $70,464 26 $2,710 $527,820 -23%
2 YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI 3 ERO $47,286 13 $3,637 $600,104 -61%
3 HAPPINESS NEVER COMES ALONE 3 MAD $47,034 22 $2,138 $299,446 -27%
4 MUD 1 RDS $45,060 3 $15,020 $54,859 NEW
5 STILL MINE 2 UMB $40,207 39 $1,031 $136,332 -23%
6 A LADY IN PARIS 1 RIA $35,807 17 $2,106 $137,947 NEW
7 FAREWELL MY QUEEN 2 TRA $31,240 7 $4,463 $218,124 -1%
8 TABU 5 PAL $18,144 14 $1,296 $410,265 -35%
9 THE HUNT 7 MAD $15,044 14 $1,075 $552,316 -28%
10 EVIL DEAD 8 SON $13,329 9 $1,481 $414,106 -43%