Aza’s 2 Line Review – Kveikur – Sigur Ros – The Quartet from Iceland Return With Another Superior Album. Angelic, Atmospheric, Emotional & An Energised Brightness That Shows Off A Band Worthy Of The Esteem They Have – A Winner!

KveikurWhere do these boys get their inspiration? After last years stunning release Valtari and the E.P. Brennisteinn it seems that Sigur Ros have hit a massive creative spur and are running with it. The latest offering Kveikur shows all the hallmarks of what make Sigur Ros one of the most influential and atmospheric outfits on the planet. But it doesnt stop there, Kveikur is infused with experimental industrial tendencies, masses of overdubs, vocal effects and synthesised modern tech samples to deliver a sonic experience that doubles as not only unmistakably Sigur Ros but also a massive push forward in musical exploration.

There’s no stage in Kveikur where the band is falling back on their laurels, instead there is an insistence here, an urgency for the listener to acknowledge that this band is alive and well. At almost an hour in length the 11 tracks of Kveikur all share one common theme – they drive you forward. This album works as one total experience from start to finish, coasting you through an emotive musical landscape that has this wonderfully ever present sense of hope and brightness about it. Sigur Ros certainly know how to explore the darkness, it’s a cornerstone of their back catalogue, but they also know how to enjoy themselves and on Kveikur the boys are having a good time.

The sound production is flawless and the effects work that layer Jonsi’s falsetto never seems overbearing or forced. There’s no sense of an overstayed welcome here either, the album flies by and, like the best of their previous works, you’ll be firing track one Brennisteinn again as soon as Ofbirta finishes.

Kveikur is Sigur Ros at the top of their game and is a must have album of 2013.

KVEIKUR by SIGUR ROS is out now