UbiSoft Is Going Crazy With The Film Adaptations! Look Out For ‘Watch Dogs’, ‘Far Cry’ & ‘Rabbids’ All Lining Up To Be Movies!

WatchDog_heroIt’s game adaptation central over at UbiSoft, only yesterday they were aligned with Michael Bay to make ‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon‘ over at Warner Bros and now the game studio is pumping up 3 of its other franchises to turn into movies.

WATCH DOGS, which launches in November on consoles, is all the rage as a new action thriller game that is looking to be every bit the smash hit the above trailer shows off.

FAR CRY is a stable franchise in the UbiSoft shed and tells the tale of a one man killing machine trying to survive in renegade, war-torn tropical wilderness. There are 3 entries into this series so far.

RABBIDS, by far the most out there option, is a game about incredibly crazy and mischievous rabbits

Are you in?