U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up June 7 – 9, 2013 (The Purge Smashes #1, Fast 6 Holds Strong @ #2, Now You See Me Pulls A Rabbit Out Of Its Hat For #3, The Internship Disappoints In #4)

The Purge posterTHE PURGE (2,536 screens) – Universal’s $3m ultra low budget horror flick came in and annihilated everything in its path to take in $36.4m on its opening weekend. That’s over 12 times its production budget and with $14,345 screen average it’s yet another low budget genre hit for the studio. Earlier this year Universal released Mama in the U.S. to a $70m result (that film was all but abandoned in Australia) and rest assured a sequel to this one will be announced imminently.

Fast And Furious 6FAST & FURIOUS 6 (3,771 screens) still holds on in 2nd place with another $19.8m into the kitty to bring its domestic gross to $202.9m. Bang! What a number! With a steady screen average of $5,240 Fast 6 is now $7m off surpassing Fast Five and becoming the highest grossing entry in the series. Universal must be spewing Justin Lin has stepped away from directing part 7 as his reshaping of this franchise has made it a $1bn+ industry of itself. James Wan (Saw) is directing part 7.

Now You See MeNOW YOU SEE ME (3,020 screens) continues to surprise to take out 3rd with $19.5m for its 2nd weekend to bring its local gross to $61.34m. With a solid screen average of $6,457 this weekend the film won’t be coming off screens anywhere from Friday and by this time next week it should be around $75m – which coincidentally is the exact same number as its production budget.

The InternshipTHE INTERNSHIP (3,366 screens) opens in #4 with $18.1m and there’s definitely going to be some wound licking down at Fox in boardrooms on that number. For all intents and purposes The Internship should’ve opened in #1 but just couldn’t get the young adult and teenage males (which is what’s driving the top 3) to get it that crowning position. Reviews have been tepid at best and on a $58m budget it is going to be hard pressed to gross $50m+ before it finishes. Add to that you’ve got This Is The End releasing on Friday so it’s going to be twice as tough to hold ground.

epicEPIC (3,594 screens) slips to 5th with $12.1m to bring its lifetime domestic gross to $84.1m. With a screen average of $3,367 it’s really quite softer than what it should be given that there is no competition in the market place and it has a clear run for the next 2 weeks before Monsters University gets there.

star-trek-into-darkness-poster1-405x600STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (3,152 screens) rounds out the top 6 with another $11.7m into the kitty to bring its lifetime domestic haul to $200.1m. It’s not going to sail to the $257m gross that 2009’s reboot earned but it’s still a great result. What’s even more impressive is that it has edged out After Earth (Week 2) for 6th spot.



Figures From Box Office Mojo, Collider, Deadline

1. The Purge $36,400,000 $36.4

2. Fast & Furious 6 $19,800,000 $202.9

3. Now You See Me $19,500,000 $61.3

4. The Internship $18,100,000 $18.1

5. Epic $12,100,000 $84.1

6. Star Trek Into Darkness $11,700,000 $200.1

7. After Earth $11,200,000 $46.5

8. The Hangover III $7,380,000 $102.3

9. Iron Man 3 $5,787,000 $394.3

10. The Great Gatsby $4,230,000 $136.1