Microsoft’s New Next Gen Console Announced – The XBox One

MICROSOFT announced its new gaming console yesterday in the form of the XBOX ONE.

‘Starting with the design of the console, Xbox One is definitely a step up from the “implode” design of the Xbox 360.  It’s got nice, clean lines with an interesting “two-face” look.  However, this console will pack a powerhouse of hardware.  The system has 8GB of RAM, 500 GB hard drive, Blu-ray player, USB 3.0, and a single 40-nanometer chip for both the CPU and GPU rather than the two dedicated 90-nm chips needed in the 360.’ – Matt Goldberg, Collider.

The unit has kinect capabilities in built and have voice recognition technology so you can turn it on and off with speech. The unit will be released later in the year. No announcement on price was made.

My thanks to WIRED for the pics.

xbox-one-kinect-controller-600x399 xbox-one-xb1-console-600x400 xbox-one-xb1-console-slice