U.S Box Office Weekend Round Up Friday May 17 – 19, 2013 (Into Darkness Into #1, Iron Man 3 Still Strong For #2, The Great Gatsby Rounds Out The Trifecta)

star-trek-into-darkness-poster1-405x600STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 3D (3,868 screens) took the top spot as expected and came in with an impressive $70.55m and an $18,241 screen average for the 3 day weekend. The film opened on Thursday the 16th which generated a $13.5m day to bring its 4 day opening weekend to $84.1m. From the traditional 3 day weekend stand point INTO DARKNESS came in behind 2009’s reboot on $75m but throwing in the 4th day saw the sequel smash it by 12%. It’s got some stiff competition coming in this week with both FAST & FURIOUS 6 and THE HANGOVER PART III rolling into theatres but this puppy should be able to hit $170m before she finishes up in the U.S.

Iron Man 33D IRON MAN 3 (4,237 screens) continues to impress with its 3rd week bow pulling in $35.18m for an $8,304 screen average. That’s off 51% from last weekend but the sheer resilience with that impressive STAR TREK opening is a testament to the enduring likability of the IRON MAN franchise.The film has now crossed $337m domestically and this will be the highest grossing film of 2013 in the U.S. What is interesting is that IM3 is on 380+ more screens than STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS and it’s 3 weeks old!

The Great GatsbyTHE GREAT GATSBY 3D (3,550 screens) continues to impress for 3rd place with $23.42m for it’s 2nd weekend. It is off 53% but a $6,596 screen average is a buoying indicator that the film is still pulling a crowd. This will be totally driven by the female audience and is playing as a perfectly counter programmed title against the big budget franchise actioners. The film has now surpassed $90m domestically and is Baz Luhrmann’s highest grossing film ever.

Opening This Friday May 24, 2013: THE HANGOVER PART III (May 23), FAST & FURIOUS 6, EPIC 3D, BEFORE MIDNIGHT

Figures Collider, Deadline, Box Office Mojo.

Title Weekend Total
1. Star Trek Into Darkness $70,555,500 $84.1
2. Iron Man 3 $35,182,000 $337.1
3. The Great Gatsby $23,415,000 $90.2
4. Pain and Gain $3,100,000 $46.6
5. The Croods $2,750,000 $176.8
6. 42 $2,730,000 $88.7
7. Oblivion $2,222,000 $85.5
8. Mud $2,160,000 $11.6
9. Tyler Perry Presents Peeples $2,150,000 $7.9
10. The Big Wedding $1,100,000 $20.2