Cool Kickstarter Campaign – Love & Rage – A Photography Book On The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Movement

Love & RageCrowd funding is the new and highly effective way of getting indie projects off the ground. Even when the studios exploit it when they shouldn’t (Zach Braff’s I WISH I WAS HERE did a successful crowd funding campaign even though it had studio financing and word is that one of Brian Grazer/Ron Howard’s new projects is going to try and co-finance it through the same channels – I disagree with it – multi millionaires don’t need crowdfunding support) the concept is great when it supports the true independents. Which brings me to LOVE & RAGE. 

LOVE & RAGE swings in the other direction and is the brainchild of activist and photographer Tracie Williams. The photography book catalogues here experiences in the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement.

This from the campaign page


To fully understand something you have to live it and breathe it. I guess you could say I have been in the trenches for the past year, physically battered and mentally bruised. I’ve seen things and met people that have altered my way of thinking and opened my mind exponentially. I’ve smashed a few flashes, been run over by fleeing mobs, struck by police batons, slept on cardboard to diffuse the cold concrete, surfed couches, rode on day long over-packed bus journeys, marched through torrential rains and sweltering temperatures, and even found myself arrested.

Living an activist, transient life I emotionally, physically, and financially invested a solid year documenting Occupy Wall Street daily – leading up the one-year anniversary on September 17, 2012.

Love and Rage chronicles this unique period of US history; from protests and civil disobedience to the more personal moments, conversations, and comradery that erupted in communities across the country.


On September 17, 2011 Occupy Wall Street emerged as a new kind of people-powered social movement revolving around social and economic injustice. The initial home of OWS was Zucotti park (renamed Liberty Square) – a 24-hour privately owned public space in the heart of the financial district in Lower Manhattan. Occupy Wall Street transformed this space into a radical platform where ideas could be freely exchanged.

The encampment offered a new form of protest by emulating an idealistic community based on mutual aid; fully equipped with a kitchen, a library (with over 5000 books), a medic tent, and a media outpost. The idea was to create a non-hierarchal, transparent, accountable community that made decisions utilizing the tools of direct democracy. People who had never previously engaged in activism found themselves holding signs on their lunch breaks, participating in General Assemblies and carrying out civil political conversation with those on the opposite side of the political spectrum.

This new form of protest spread throughout 1500 cities worldwide. Although all the encampments were destroyed, protests and grass roots organizing continued on local, national and global levels. Occupy Wall Street’s current focus is directed towards relief efforts for communities affected by Hurricane Sandy – in New Jersey and New York – with an emphasis on both immediate needs and long-term strategies for community development.

Occupy Wall Street is an ever changing evolving social movement. A network has been created – connecting every day people with long term activists – united the by the ideology that greed has manipulated every aspect of our society. Healthcare, education, war, the environment, employment, housing, and the banking industry are a few examples of where profit has taken the center stage to people, and now people are finally taking a stand.


The costs to self-pulbish are crazy expensive, and that’s why I NEED YOUR HELP.

The funds will go directly towards:

• Working space and time, editing, post production, lay-out and design, as well as for the fulfillment of the rewards (to get them to you as quickly as possible!)

• Design consultation fees

• Production, printing, distribution costs of:  Limited Edition hard copy books,  Limited Edition Prints,  Limited Edition Newsprint,  Postcards


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• QUESTIONS: Please feel free to drop me a line or connect with me via Facebook for any questions regarding the rewards OR if you have a specific request that’s not listed.


Dear Kickstarter community,

I always knew I would live in NYC someday, I just never thought my first address would be in a park around the corner from Wall Street. My life as an embedded photographer within the Occupy Wall Street movement has been one wild ride – sensory overload – and an experience that has forever changed me.

In the past year I have witnessed firsthand the violation of our civil liberties. I have seen the New York and Chicago Police Departments carry out brutal acts of violence on peaceful protesters and journalists, the failure of the mainstream media to accurately report events – if at all – and both the humanity and ugliness that co-exist in our society.

I have learned street survival (where at certain hours of the evening you can find good edible food in the dumpsters of Duane Reade and Au bon pain and that warm beds can come in forms of A train seats and McDonald’s booths), that I can befriend both libertarians and anarchists and that above all open civilized political discourse can not only be carried out, but is essential to our intellectual growth as a nation. Previously such discussions as politics and religion were taboo, resulting in arguments, hurt feelings and uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinners. Although only a fraction of the American consciousness has been tapped, people are finally talking.

By no means does this book intend to cover the full scope of Occupy, as that is an impossible task. The movement is made up of several moving parts with all walks of life: youth and elder activists, artists, scientists, professors, doctors, lawyers, teachers, students, moms, dads, children, grannies, homeless folks, white folks, people of color, members of the LGBT community, immigrants, clergy men and women, civil rights leaders, veterans from current and wars from long ago… the list goes on and on. Above all, they are dreamers united by the vision that a better world, a different world, another world is possible where each and every one of us can live prosperously in a society that is not contaminated by greed. A world where people are MOST important, even more important than profit.

There are no predetermined answers, but the common belief is that by the process of conversation and collaborative action this future can be achieved.

The intention of this book is to show you a window into my personal journey with the Occupy Wall Street movement and the range of emotions that may entail. I would like to reveal to you where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. I can’t do this without you.

Love and Rage,
Tracie Williams

The images below – from a short series The Night The Raid Came – will be featured in LOVE AND RAGE.

The Campaign Page can be found here