Aussie Weekend Box Office Round Up May 9 – 12, 2013 (Star Trek Into #1, Iron Man 3 Holds #2, Evil Dead Massive Screen Average)

star-trek-into-darkness-poster1-405x600STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (486 screens) boldly opened into #1 position with a $5.26m weekend, delivering a very healthy $10,818 screen average. Besting J.J. Abrams 20009 entry by 12%, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 3D had the honour of releasing here before the U.S.. It is also the highest opening EVER for a STAR TREK film in history. Armed with sensational reviews and a campaign that saw it E V E R Y W H E R E the film kicked a big goal for a territory completely out of school holidays. Given there is nothing opening this week that will pose any major competition to the film, STAR TREK should hold #1 next weekend as well and should be able to ring in another $3m over the 4 days from Thursday!

Iron Man 3IRON MAN 3 (460 screens) held up in 2nd place, dropping 50% week on week to gross $3.125m. With a solid screen average of $6,794 and under the might of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS opening IRON MAN 3 still delivered an impressive 3rd weekend result to take its domestic gross to $32m. It is the highest grossing film of the year and I dare say it’ll keep that title for the entire calendar year 2013. The next one should be called GOLDEN MAN as this entry is mere days away from crossing the $1 billion dollar mark globally.


thebigweddingTHE BIG WEDDING (251 screens) comes in at #3 again with a sensational hold of -14% week on week to gross $1.087m. this is a perfect example of counter programming that works. It’s on half the screens of the big guys but caters towards a completely different market (femme skew comedy) so even off horrendous reviews the film still delivered a solid $4,332 screen average in week 2. It’s now grossed $3m domestically and has smashed U.S. pro rata by sitting at 16.4%.



The Place Beyond The Pines 11THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES (64 screens) impresses for 4th with $627,686 to deliver the 3rd highest screen average with$9,808 which basically tells you that everywhere it played it came in 3rd on the leader board behind STAR TREK and IRON MAN 3. The upscale drama triptych hit a big home run with the discerning audiences and the campaign that totally focussed on the ever rising star power of Ryan Gosling paid off.



Olympus Has FallenOLYMPUS HAS FALLEN (187 screens) falls another 42% to take out 5th place with $346,863. The film has now crossed $5m domestically which is about 5% pro rata where the film has done $96m. Given the MA and with IRON MAN 3, OBLIVION, STAR TREK etc etc all around it and the state of how MA rated films perform here it’s not that bad a result all things considered. It’s a very boysy year for film and OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN ain’t the worst one out of the gate.



Spring Breakers 1SPRING BREAKERS (48 screens) took out the top spot with$184,445. Given the R rating the film returned a $3,843 screen average which is pretty good all things considered going out on May 9 against STAR TREK (yes SPRING BREAKERS is targeted at the young adult market too) and EVIL DEAD (which has the benefit of cult hype). Also regaled with excellent reviews there’s nothing this wild releasing for the next few weeks so with a bit of luck it’ll hold up!


Evil Dead PosterEVIL DEAD (5 screens) smashes a spectacular national best screen average on $23,411 to gross $117,055 for the opening weekend. Given the $30m opening weekend in the U.S. about a month ago this film was originally slated to go direct to video but thankfully it did get a release even if, on that screen average, it went too narrow. Granted an R rating does hinder its commercial prospects considerably in Australia but there’s no reason this couldn’t have done $1m here on a print release of around 50 screens. The question is – now that the fans have seen it – will it hold up in its 2nd weekend frame? Probably not but the biggest indicator this result should signify is that there definitely is an audience for extreme genre.

CORRECTION: LAST WEEK we’d announced that CAMILLE REWINDS did $88k for its opening weekend, when it actually bombed on $18k. The MPDAA reported figure was incorrectly entered. Apologies for any mis information.


Figures from MPDAA


Rank Film Week Dist Weekend Box Screens Sc Avg Lifetime Diff Last Week
1 STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 3D 1 PAR $5,257,366 486 $10,818 $5,301,524 new
2 IRON MAN 3 3D 3 DIS $3,125,450 460 $6,794 $32,075,043 -50%
3 THE BIG WEDDING 2 RDS $1,087,386 251 $4,332 $3,001,339 -14%
4 THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES 1 RDS $627,686 64 $9,808 $835,833 new
5 OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN 4 RDS $346,863 187 $1,855 $5,093,988 -42%
6 OBLIVION 5 UNI $226,734 152 $1,492 $8,979,316 -53%
7 THE CROODS 7 FOX $207,975 208 $1,000 $24,428,936 -63%
8 SPRING BREAKERS 1 ICO $184,445 48 $3,843 $242,262 new
9 DRIFT 2 HOP $175,895 135 $1,303 $560,946 -35%
10 THE COMPANY YOU KEEP 4 MAD $175,407 98 $1,790 $1,866,497 -30%


Rank Film Week Dist Weekend Box Screens Sc Avg Lifetime Diff Last Week
1 SPRING BREAKERS 1 ICO $184,445 48 $3,843 $242,262 new
2 EVIL DEAD 1 SON $117,055 5 $23,411 $123,073 new
3 THE HUNT 2 MAD $67,711 17 $3,983 $281,845 -23%
4 HAUTE CUISINE 3 TRA $47,392 22 $2,154 $588,886 -28%
5 THE OTHER SON 4 CUR $40,892 15 $2,726 $318,652 -24%
6 FIRST POSITION 5 HOP $24,661 19 $1,298 $360,375 -30%
7 NO 4 RIA $18,621 15 $1,241 $288,236 -31%
8 SHOOTOUT AT WADALA 2 ERO $18,086 11 $1,644 $117,384 -73%
9 RUST & BONE 7 HOP $14,988 21 $714 $788,953 -51%
10 BOLSHOI BALLET: ESMERALDA 1 SHA $14,557 12 $1,213 $14,557 new