CBS Drops ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ TV Series!

beverly_hills_copWow! I would never have seen that coming! This project was possibly the hottest property to surface last year in the new TV show race stateside. All the major networks vied for it and CBS won the race. Given the TV show adaptation was to feature cameos from Eddie Mruphy himself (the show centred around his character Axel Foley’s son played by Brandon T. Johnson) including the pilot that had already been shot, you’d have thought this puppy was a sure fire lock!

But, alas, no.

Word is the pilot isn’t much chop and the brass at CBS didn’t like it so they’ve passed on the show. Wowsers!

Is the show dead in the water? At the moment yes but given that all the major networks wanted a piece of this pie it might wind up somewhere else.