U.S. Box Office Weekend Round Up May 3 – 5, 2013 (Iron Man #1, Everything Else DOA)

Iron Man 3There was no doubt that IRON MAN 3 (4,253 screens) was going to decimate the box office, it was always just a question of how big the number was going to be. Well IM3 took in $175.3m in its opening frame, earning a massive $41,218 screen average and sending the films result to the 2nd highest opening weekend ever in the U.S. There’s no doubt that the 3D upswing and coming of the cinema high of AVENGERS helped her but to give you a look at the franchise here’s how they have fared:

IRON MAN (2008)  – Opening Weekend – $98.6m – Domestic Life – $318.4m

IRON MAN 2 (2010) – Opening Weekend – $128.1m – Domestic Life – $312.4m

IRON MAN 3 (2013) – Opening Weekend – $175.3m – Domestic Life – $400m+?

The critical reception to IRON MAN 3 is much stronger than that of Part 2 but the question is – can the film hold on to scale the domestic line of a $400m+ result. Given that, on average, the opening weekends of IRON MAN films do 36% of the overall business fingers would point to a $440m+ result there. With no action competition for another 11 days it certainly has a strong chance to kick the box office up into that area.

Pain & GainPAIN & GAIN (3,287 screens) certainly felt the pain to take out 2nd place with a 62.5% drop week on week to $7.6m. It’s the same story for everything in theatres this weekend, IRON MAN 3 smashed everything. P&G delivered a screen average of $2,312 which pretty much tells you the film has all but lost the bulk of its audience to the Marvel man. With a life gross of $33.9m PAIN & GAIN should be able to creep up past $40m before STAR TREK gets here and annihilates what little shred of life it’ll have by May 17.

42 poster42 (3,345 screens) holds 3rd for $6.2m over the weekend with a $1,857 screen average. The film fell 41.7% week on week, which is actually one of the stringer holds this weekend and has now cross $78.3m domestically.




Oblivion IMAXOBLIVION (3,430 screens) takes out 4th but got hammered the hardest by IRON MAN 3 falling 67.4% to earn $5.8m. With a screen average of $1,690 it’s almost time to say goodbye to Tom Cruises’ sci fi. The film has grossed $75.97m domestically and should be able to hit $80m before it heads off to home entertainment land.


Figures from Collider, Box Office Mojo

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Iron Man 3 $175,300,000 $175.3
2.  Pain and Gain $7,600,000 $33.9
3.  42 $6,210,000 $78.3
4.  Oblivion $5,800,000 $75.9
5.  The Croods $4,225,000 $178.7
6.  The Big Wedding $3,875,000 $14.2
7.  Oz the Great & Powerful $1,822,000 $228.5
8.  Scary Movie 5 $1,435,000 $29.6
9.  The Place Beyond the Pines $1,298,000 $18.6
10.  G.I. Joe: Retaliation $1,275,000 $118.7