Iron Man 3 Rakes In $195m Opening International Weekend, Bests Marvel’s Avengers Opening Result.

Iron Man 3 Version 5It’s all good news from camp IRON MAN 3 as, even before the U.S. has opened, the film has generated $195m in ticket sales internationally. This time last year AVENGERS went out and grossed $185.1m internationally and had set the record for a MARVEL title opening. Well kiddies, IRON MAN 3 is bigger. With the film expected to gross north of $130m this weekend in the U.S. and no real competition opening against it for the 2nd weekend across the globe, IRON MAN 3 is set to have another smashing go round at the box office and could come in closer to $500m by this time next week.

Here are some of the opening weekend stats (figures in US):

UK – $21.5m

South Korea – $19.2m

Australia – $18.4m

Mexico – $16.1m

France – $14.7m

Brazil – $12.3m

Italy – $11.2m

Taiwan – $8.4m

Phillipines – $7.4m

We will be welcoming you to the $1,000,000,000 club IRON MAN 3 – you’re invitation  has been sent.

It’s a big big hit boys & girls, a big big hit.