‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spin Off ‘The Originals’ Gets The Go Ahead At CW

The Vampire DiariesTHE VAMPIRE DIARIES, you know that wannabe Vamp Twilight TV series where middle aged Americans play ageless teenage vampires that people swoon over (seriously the show is just an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue with overdone makeup), is set to get a spin off in the form of THE ORIGINALS.

The most recently aired episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES served as a pseudo pilot episode for the new series which focusses on the ancient vamps who clearly created the longing stares and read too many Anne Rice novels.

Yeah I give THE VAMPIRE DIARIES a lot of flack but the show rates in the States and the home entertainment unit sales here is Oz stand to prove that the show has legs!

TVD was created by Kevin Williamson who brought you SCREAM, TEACHING MRS TINGLE, DAWSON’S CREEK and the hilariously stupid THE FOLLOWING.