Nimrod Antal’s ‘Metallica: Through The Never’ To Get The IMAX 3D Treatment

Quebec MetallicaIt’s been a long time since a band made a narrative feature that was built around them. In fact the ones that pop to mind are Prince’s PURPLE RAIN and UNDER A CHERRY MOON and there were a couple that KISS did back in the day. Well anyone whose anybody knows that both Lars Ulrich (drummer) and Kirk Hammett (Lead Guitar) are massive movie fans so the eventuation of the band doing a movie makes sense.


Enter Nimrod Antal (Predators) to direct the film that stars Dan Dehaan (Chronicle) as a roadie who has to go through a massive misadventure during a Metallica show. Yeah sure it sounds geeky and totally fanboy but hey if you haven’t seen Metallica live then you probably don’t understand the energy that they put out on stage.

Picturehouse has acquired the rights to the film and has announced the film will be released in IMAX 3D for a 1 week exclusive season Stateside from September 27, 2013 and then expand into cinemas from October 4, 2013.