10 Track ‘Feelin’ It Moody’ Playlist To Kick Into Your Weekend!

RoachfordHey Lowdowners, Aza’s had a music geekgasm again and here’s a 10 track of goodies that’s got him a rarin’ to go for this weekend!! Some pumping powerhouse heartfelters here kiddies!

1. ROACHFORD – ONLY TO BE WITH YOU – One of my faves of the 90’s. Unashamed groovin’ pop from this U.K. outfit that still gives me goosebumps for the big wailing ending! From the album ‘Permanent Shade Of Blue’

2. LIFEHOUSE – EVERYTHING – Oh I’m still on a big ballad love in fix. Lifehouse is one of the most underrated bands out of the U.S. Again its wide lovin’ pop rock but the boys just keep delivering album after album. This version is from ‘Smoke & Mirrors’

3. SMASHING PUMPKINS – LUNA – The closing track on the epic ‘Siamese Dream’ album is a sugar coated lullaby that is just as awesome now as it was when I first heard it!

4. MELISSA ETHERIDGE – SHRINER’S PARK – Possibly my favourite track of hers. An ode to an unrequited and misunderstood love with that belting bridge in the middle. Off the album ‘Your Little Secret’. Forgive the horrific Twilight footage – it’s the album version I was after

5. BJORK – HYPERBALLAD – Need I say anything about this song other than its the most towering song she’s ever produced? From the album ‘Post’.

6. CONCRETE BLONDE – CAROLINE – technically not a love song but still one that moves the old cockles of my blood pumper. From the album ‘Bloodletting’.

7. QBO – POR ALEJARME – The Mexicans deliver the goods left right and centre. Here’s another classic from the album ‘III’

8. SHAKESPEAR’S SISTER – STAY – Come On! If you were there you know why! From the album ‘Hormonally Yours’

9. NIRVANA – WHERE DID YOU SLEEP LAST NIGHT? – The closing track off the ‘Unplugged In New York’ album – it’s a cover and yet it goes down as one of their best songs

10. TORI AMOS – HEY JUPITER – Is Tori. Is Gold. From the ethereal ‘Boys For Pele’.