Alice’s 2 Line Review – Hitchcock – Sacha Gervasi Has Gigantic Shoes To Fill. Can He Pull It Off? The Suspense!

Hitchcock 6If ever a movie is going to send you straight to Google, this is it. Is it really true that the master of suspense had to remortgage his own house to get one of the most famous movies of all time off the ground? Was Vera Miles really supposed to be the next Grace Kelly? And could the guy who used to go out with Ginger Spice really be the one to make their biopic?

Ok that last one was cruel, but there is something difficult to handle about Sacha Gervasi’s direction here. It’s clear he’s trying to tell Hitchcock’s story in a Hitchcock style, and sometimes that’s a good fit, but there are definitely moments when Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren look like they’re struggling. The issue, most likely, is that Hitchcock’s characters were peering through rear windows and swatting away scary birds, rather than squabbling about how they were going to pay for the pool cleaning.

All that said, there are still enough juicy morsels to make it worth all the time Hopkins apparently spent in make-up. It’s way too much fun watching Scarlett Johansson ham it up as Janet Leigh while Jessica Biel works a twinset as Vera Miles and Toni Collette peers over her glasses as Hitch’s assistant. James D’Arcy is neurotically tragic as Anthony Perkins, and then there’s Michael Wincott, suddenly absolutely terrifying as the memory of Ed Gein – the psycho Psycho is based on.

But we all know who the real star is. That shower scene? It’s in there. You’ll just have to see this version for yourself.

HITCHCOCK is currently on release in AUSTRALIA through 20TH CENTURY FOX