‘The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)’ Set To Shoot In Spring USA.

human-centipede-2-posterWell you just can’t keep good mouth sewn to asses movies down, can you? Clearly not. Though it’s no news that a 3rd instalment into Tom Six’s demented cult hit franchise THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE was going to happen (he announced it a couple of years ago) 0- you might not have known that he was trapped in a bitter legal battle with the original films star Dieter Laser.

Six was suing Laser for breach of contract as the actor did not like his role in the 3rd film and was refusing to do it. Well let bygones be bygones and get those lips puckered to sew onto someone’s rectum because the boys have cleared their differences. The new script will see Laser not playing the demented doctor but the offsider to Laurence Harvey, the big bad in Full Sequence.

The 3rd one takes place directly after part 2 finishes and is set in the U.S. and rumour has it there is a 500 person human centipede planned for this one..

That’s a lot of hairy asses!