Dead Space 3 Fans Rejoice! Playable Demo Downloadable From January 22, 2013

Dead Space 3And lo it came to pass that VISCERAL GAMES and EA granted unto thee a playable demo of the 3rd instalment into the DEAD SPACE franchise. For thou to receiveth thine download thouest must register here. If you are an XBOX360 owner you can get the demo a week earlier on January 15, 2013.

“According to EA, the demo will feature a “customised portion of Tau Volantis,” the ice planet from Dead Space 3, as well as new necromorphs and a separate weapon-crafting arena that will give players the chance to experiment with weapon combinations.

The demo will offer both single-player and online-only cooperative play. EA has also confirmed that the recently announced Kinect voice controls for Dead Space will be available in the demo.

“Dead Space 3 is the first game to feature co-op-specific voice commands for the Kinect,” EA said. “Using your voice, you can find your partner, revive him, trade ammo and health packs in co-op, while in single-player, you’ll have access to commands such as the ability to reload weapons, heal yourself, locate objectives, and open menus.” – Laura Parker,

The Demo is only available for XBOX360 & PLAYSTATION 3.

This demo is for UK, CANADA & U.S. readers!

DEAD SPACE 3 releases on FEBRUARY 7, 2013 on all formats.