U.S. Box Office Weekend Round Up Fri Jan 4 – Sun Jan 6, 2013 (Texas Chainsaw Massacres The Competition!)

texas_chainsaw_massacre_3d_ver4Ah as the yuletide/new years goodwill kicks on in the United States your friendly neighbourhood gorefest TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D (2,654 screens) dominated the box office over the weekend to mutilate $23m out of the coffers. In fact its the gore the merrier this week in the states with QT’s violent DJANGO UNCHAINED in 2nd but more on that in a minute. This is not a complete surprise to see CHAINSAW take the top of the shop as the same weekend in 2012 Paramount released THE DEVIL INSIDE to a $33.7m chart topping opening weekend and went onto gross $53m domestically. This is a great result for Lionsgate on a low budget flick and you just can’t keep a good franchise brand down.

DJANGO UNCHAINED (3,010 screens) continues to impress with another $20m weekend in the kitty bringing its domestic cume to $106.3m. INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS amassed $120m domestically which DJANGO will surpass by this time next week and become the highest grossing QT film ever released. The film only dropped 33% week on week against TEXAS and being DJANGO is 165 mins against CHAINSAW’s 91 mins thats one hell of a hold.

THE HOBBIT (3,755 screens) holds on third for its 4th weekend and draws in $17.5m to bring its domestic lifetime gross to $263.8m. The film is now $53m off FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS $315.5m domestic gross. This weekend was the sharpest drop since release of 45% but with no real major fantasy competition until Jan 25, 2013 where 3D HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS releases, THE HOBBIT should be able to coast past $300m before it bows out.

LES MISERABLES (2,904 screens) crosses $103.6m domestically this weekend with another $16.1m take. It’s now the 7th highest grossing musical of all time in the U.S. and it should be able to hit $150m before it finishes and become the 3rd biggest warbler in history there. Here’s the current top 20 musicals in the United States:

1 Grease Par. $188,755,690 862 6/16/78
2 Chicago Mira. $170,687,518 2,701 12/27/02
3 Mamma Mia! Uni. $144,130,063 3,194 7/18/08
4 Enchanted BV $127,807,262 3,730 11/21/07
5 Hairspray (2007) NL $118,871,849 3,121 7/20/07
6 The Rocky Horror Picture Show Fox $112,892,319 9/26/75
7 Les Miserables (2012) Uni. $103,605,000 2,904 12/25/12
8 Dreamgirls P/DW $103,365,956 2,797 12/15/06
9 High School Musical 3 BV $90,559,416 3,626 10/24/08
10 The Muppets BV $88,631,237 3,440 11/23/11
11 Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Uni. $69,701,637 1,435 7/23/82
12 Moulin Rouge! Fox $57,386,607 2,283 5/18/01
13 The Blues Brothers Uni. $57,229,890 6/20/80
14 Annie Col. $57,059,003 1,102 5/21/82
15 Sweeney Todd P/DW $52,898,073 1,507 12/21/07
16 The Phantom of the Opera WB $51,268,815 1,515 12/22/04
17 Evita BV $50,047,179 1,045 12/25/96
18 Popeye Par. $49,823,037 901 12/12/1980
19 Yentl MGM $40,218,899 747 11/18/83
20 Burlesque SGem $39,440,655 3,037 11/24/10

LES MISERABLES is also the highest grossing film Russell Crowe has been in since A BEAUTIFUL MIND (2001), Hugh Jackman since X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (2009) and Amanda Seyfried since MAMMA MIA (2008).

PARENTAL GUIDANCE (3,368 screens) takes in another $10m for 5th spot bringing its haul to $52.7m. The much maligned film has certainly earned its keep with its reported budget around $25m certainly recouped now. The main cause of this is that PARENTAL GUIDANCE is the only new direct 4 quadrant family picture in the market place and certainly the only one in the top ten outside THE HOBBIT. What a little winner for FOX and WALDEN MEDIA.

PROMISED LAND (1,676 screens) expansion this weekend didn’t return as great a result with a headliner for Matt Damon as you would expect. The $4.3m result for the drama on fracking pulled down a $2,573 screen average to get it into the top ten. The film has been received with lukewarm reviews and in a holiday corridor its not an out and out disaster but its certainly not a first choice title on the release slate at the moment.

THE IMPOSSIBLE (572 screens) expands and impresses with a $2.76m weekend result or a $4,825 screen average for the 3 days. The film is sitting on $3.417m lifetime there and with further slow expansions happening in the coming weeks THE IMPOSSIBLE should have a pretty solid run into the awards season at the end of the month.

ZERO DARK THIRTY (60 prints) kicks major ass again this week with a $2.75m result or a $45,833 screen average. ZERO has held the highest screen average of any film since it released and has now grossed $4.46m lifetime. The film expands into 2,400 screens this Friday and its going to be the duke out for #1 between it and GANGSTER SQUAD.

Opening This Friday: GANGSTER SQUAD (3,000+ screens), ZERO DARK THIRTY (Expands to 2,400+ screens), A HAUNTED HOUSE (2,200 screens), QUARTET (2 screens)

Figuress from Collider, Box Office Mojo.

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Texas Chainsaw 3D $23,000,000 $23
2.  Django Unchained $20,082,000 $106.3
3.  The Hobbit $17,525,000 $263.8
4.  Les Miserables $16,117,000 $103.6
5.  Parental Guidance $10,125,000 $52.7
6.  Jack Reacher $9,300,000 $64.8
7.  This is 40 $8,600,000 $54.5
8.  Lincoln $5,258,000 $143.9
9.  The Guilt Trip $4,530,000 $31.2
10.  Promised Land $4,311,500 $4.6