Oh My God Where The Hell Was I? There Was A ‘The Beatles Cartoon Show’?! OK I Wasn’t Born Yet….

The Beatles CartoonRetrofix on high tonight I Aza stumbles upon THE BEATLES CARTOON SHOW?! I’m interrobanging my butt off! (‘?!’ – that’s an interrobang – see taht, you just learned something).

Anywho back in 1965 – 1967 this little animated gem ran for 39 episodes during that period. The episodes focussed on a two particular songs and featured a sing-a-long section. You get to join the fab 4 and have a wee adventure whilst singing along to tracks like A HARD DAYS NIGHT, ELEANOR RIGBY, I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND, TWIST & SHOUT, I’LL BE BACK, MR. MOONLIGHT, CAN’T BUY ME LOVE etc etc

Check out episode one and enjoy!