Aussie Box Office Weekend Round Up Jan 3 – Jan 6, 2013 (The Hobbit Rules, Life Of Pi Dazzles, Jack Reacher Beats Pro Rata)

Gandalf Limited Edition3D THE HOBBIT (560 screens) holds the throne this weekend with another $5.85m into the kitty. Kicking it with a $10,453 screen average and a lifetime cume of $28.64m (It’ll cross $30m today) all the sun is shining on this flick. Smashing down over $1.4m everyday since thursday there’s no stopping this puppy! Can it reach $45m? Surely can!

life_of_pi_ver103D LIFE OF PI (545 screens) put paid to my thoughts that she’d gone a bit too wide by kicking in a $4.9m weekend as the screen average almost doubled since it opened to $9,060. Earning $7.965m since it opened on New Years Day its grossed nearly $1.33m everyday. Kapow! Aza shuts up and gets back in his box! Can it get to $20m? Yep should finish up right on!

russell-crowe-les-miserables-photo-439x600LES MISERABLES (388 screens) continues its dream run against the 3D digital releases surrounding it with another $3.11m for the weekend. The flick is now well ahead of U.S. pro rata ($106m there currently) on $13.64m and with a solid $8,026 screen average LES MISERABLES should head to $23m+ before it bows out.

wreckit_ralph_ver123D WRECK-IT RALPH (483 screens) smashed another $3m weekend for 4th bringing it to $11.64m for its season so far. With a screen average of $6,246 I’m very confident that the % swing to 2D is higher than 3D and more on that soon. The film should finish the week with a $5m+ result and RALPH should also chase down $23m before it finishes its season.

Jack Reacher PosterJACK REACHER (226 screens) delivers the highest screen average with a $13,014 for a $2.94m weekend result. On less than half the number of screens that the big holiday releases JACK REACHER has outperformed the U.S. Pro Rata opening weekend ($16m) with an 18.38% versus what should’ve been around the $1.6m mark. It’s a solid result and if the sun keeps shining for the next couple of days the film should be able to nudge a $5m opening week. From here the flick should be able to squeeze $10m out of Australia if GANGSTER SQUAD doesn’t hurt it too much this week.


Figures Courtesy MPDAA

Rank Film Screens Week Gross Screen Avg Week No Life Gross
1 The Hobbit: An Unexpected  560 $5,853,821 $10,453 1 $28,636,856
2 Life Of Pi 545 $4,937,861 $9,060 1 $7,965,879
3 Les Miserables 388 $3,113,930 $8,026 1 $13,643,599
4 Wreck It Ralph 483 $3,016,784 $6,246 1 $11,644,133
5 Jack Reacher 226 $2,941,094 $13,014 1 $2,941,094
6 Parental Guidance 235 $1,449,311 $6,167 6 $5,320,378
7 Skyfall 192 $966,133 $5,032 1 $45,713,107
8 Quartet 115 $919,848 $7,999 3 $3,464,633
9 Rise Of The Guardians 290 $746,948 $2,576 4 $10,773,903
10 Pitch Perfect 117 $384,209 $3,284 7 $11,401,984