Aussie Box Office Week Round Up Retrospective Dec 27, 2012 – Jan 2, 2013

The Hobbit PosterFinally got my little mits on some Aussie Box Office Data – yeah yeah I know SLACKER!! – but here’s how the week before last fared. This will go a long way to this weekends box office report that will come out later today.

Just like everywhere else on the planet 3D THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY (560 screens) blitzed the box office with a record breaking opening day (Boxing Day) and remained on the top for the entire week smashing down $16.87m in its first full week. Add to that the Boxing Day & Wednesday and the lifetime cume so far is $22.77m. Cowabunga Middle Earth indeed. The flick recorded the highest screen average (thanks IMAX, 3D & Premium Options) and caked a $30,112 per screen result. The film was more than double the gross of its nearest competitor…

les_miserables_ver3LES MISERABLES (350 screens) came in 2nd with a solid $7.47m gross for the week. The film, which is on 210 less screens than THE HOBBIT, still posted a spectacular $21,346 screen average and has amassed a lifetime gross of $10.5m since it opened on Boxing Day. That’s the highest grossing opening of a musical in Australia of all time and also the quickest $10m gross for a musical in this country. Ahh warblers you’ve earned your place.

wreckit_ralph_ver123D WRECK-IT RALPH (483 screens) came in 3rd with $6.21m for the week and a lifetime of $8.62m. As its major animation competitor RISE OF THE GUARDIANS has slipped down the rankings, rest assured the Jan 3 – Jan 9 week will see RALPH really begin to stretch his legs and you can expect a very similar gross come this thursday for week 2. RALPH is playing more as 4 quadrant picture than just a kids animated flick and is still the best reviewed film of the holiday line up. A solid $12,856 screen average for the flick would be a strong indication that the 2D option is the stronger of the 2.

parental_guidance_ver2PARENTAL GUIDANCE (240 screens) takes its place at 4th with $3.265m for the week. A strong screen average here with $13,607 on half the number of screens of WRECK-IT RALPH has seen the film gross $3.868m since it bowed on Christmas Day. As we all knew, this was always going to be 4th choice in the market place of the newbies but the film certainly hasn’t opened quietly – its a very solid result and the film should gross $10m here before its done.

life_of_pi_ver10LIFE OF PI (529 screens) does its first 2 days and smashes $2.851m for a $5,194 screen average. I have to wonder if the film has gone too wide (based on that screen average) with the highest number of screens next to THE HOBBIT, LIFE OF PI is a much more upscale affair. Either way its a great 2 day gross and the film, including previews, has grossed $3.02m already. We’re on track to smash U.S. pro rata ($92m) and the film should do north of $10m here. This is another one where its being campaigned 3D (and thats the way to see it) yet there are 2D sessions running. We’re gonna have a look at the splits soon to see how 2D vs 3D in Australia! The screen averages are the indicator that is suggesting to me that 2D is being preferred in a lot of cases and look at me – I’ve gone completely off track!

hr_Skyfall_62007 SKYFALL (552 screens), man can this puppy be stopped?? Another $2.78m after 6 weeks in release. With a screen average in line with LIFE OF PI of $5,029 (hence supporting my theory that 2D is kicking more ass than you think!) and a lifetime gross of $44.676m SKYFALL has every chance of smashing $50m before the holidays are out. I had $47m on this puppy and bet that it would outgross 2008’s THE DARK KNIGHT ($45m) which it will have done by now!

Quartet PosterWell here’s a surprise QUARTET (118 screens) kicks a big goal and takes out 7th with $1.958m. With the 3rd highest screen average of $16,595 this oldie but a goldie comedy has struck a cord and the grey rinse are out in force! There’s something in these old lady films, could anyone have guessed how popular THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL would be? QUARTET is playing to that crowd on a lesser scale but there’s every chance this sit-and-play title could quietly kick around and earn north of $10m before it’s over too.

rise_of_the_guardians_ver143D RISE OF THE GUARDIANS (480 screens) copped a hit this week under the weight of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY and 3D WRECK-IT RALPH releasing. But the film has definitely not been a disaster and with a week gross of $1.848m, screen average of $3,850 and a lifetime gross of $10.01m Paramount has once again delivered an early December animated release north of $10m.


pitch-perfect-movie-poster2PITCH PERFECT (189 screens) I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! With a $1.37m week result for its 4th week of release the film has grossed $11.01m with a screen average of $7,231. The screen average is better than LIFE OF PI and SKYFALL and is indicative that there is nothing in the market place for teen girls. This is one title that needs to be held onto in the multiplexes as it is servicing an audience that is completely under catered for these holidays and the film should be able to gross $15m should it not get completely buried in cinemas. What a win!

Figures Courtesy MPDAA

Film Screens Week Gross Screen Avg Week No Life Gross
1 The Hobbit: An Unexpected  560 $16,862,668 $30,112 1 $22,774,245
2 Les Miserables 350 $7,471,045 $21,346 1 $10,512,167
3 Wreck It Ralph 483 $6,209,397 $12,856 1 $8,621,915
4 Parental Guidance 240 $3,265,785 $13,607 1 $3,868,592
5 Life Of Pi 549 $2,851,322 $5,194 1 $3,022,067
6 Skyfall 552 $2,775,878 $5,029 6 $44,676,982
7 Quartet 118 $1,958,174 $16,595 1 $2,532,068
8 Rise Of The Guardians 480 $1,848,217 $3,850 3 $10,009,951
9 Pitch Perfect 189 $1,366,716 $7,231 4 $11,017,775
10 Breaking Dawn Part 2 69 $237,401 $3,441 7 $28,479,208
11 Samsara 18 $192,589 $10,699 1 $192,589
12 Argo 43 $170,659 $3,969 10 $10,860,713
13 The Intouchables 45 $169,355 $3,763 10 $5,446,453
14 Love Is All You Need 24 $139,763 $5,823 3 $331,900
15 Dabanng 2 16 $125,206 $7,825 2 $130,077
16 Paris Manhattan 21 $108,500 $5,167 3 $486,711
17 Perks Of Being A Wallflower 25 $59,178 $2,367 5 $3,112,097
18 Sightseers 3 $36,250 $12,083 1 $36,250
19 The Sessions 15 $26,377 $1,758 8 $1,259,179
20 Liberal Arts 16 $26,111 $1,632 3 $194,002