New Game In Development – Jurassic Life

So some super huge fans of JURASSIC PARK have been working for over a year on developing the game JURASSIC LIFE in the model of HALF LIFE 2 for a single player. The sheer level of work they’ve done can be seen at their website here and the attention to detail, as shown in the two clips and wall of images, show off just how cool this puppy is looking.

Running off the steam engine – JURASSIC LIFE is on the way and we’ll keep you posted as it develops.

My thanks to Jackie Stevens for the heads up here! Images from the website.

2011.12.31.News.Taser.Small 2011.07.08.News.SPAS12Ingame_small 2011.05.30.News.DinoTombs_small 2011.05.30.News.Floppy_small 2011.07.08.News.Spaz-1201_small 2012.12.12.Anthurium_Small 2011.01.a.trex.small 2011.01.b.t-rex-galli.small 2011.05.30.News.JL_Isla_Nublar 2011.12.31.News.Cryo.Small 2012.12.12.Explorer_Small 2011.01.c.prehistoric.tooth.pick.small 2011.05.30.News.BarbasolShavingCream_small 2011.07.08.News.DockSign_small 2011.12.31.News.DiloFence.Small 2012.12.12.Mangrove_Small 2011.05.30.News.CM-5Computer_small 2011.07.08.News.MapScreen1_small 2011.12.31.News.EggCrib.Small 2012.12.12.MedusaLoader_Small 2011.05.30.News.CPalmata_small 2011.07.08.News.MapScreen2_small 2011.12.31.News.Microscope.Small 2012.12.12.Mountain_Small 2012.12.12.RaptorVC_Small 2012.12.12.TriceratopsRender_small 2012.12.12.VPen2_Small