44 Alternative Posters For ‘Die Hard’! Yippe Kai Yay Mutha- Expletive!

DIE HARD is one of the most impressive and seminal action flicks ever made. It launched Bruce Willis into superstar status and, as we know, has created a franchise that is still kicking on today. The top team over at UNLIKELYWORDS.COM have compiled a whole wall of fan art and alternative posters for the flick and treat yourself to the trailer above!

Artist-unknown balint-bernhardt-die-hard baung-die-hard bcapazo-die-hard brett-thurman-die-hard2 Cameron-Stevens-Die-Hard 7831253052_b3dbc3e341_n abe-wardana-die-hard alain-bossuyt-die-hard Artist-Unknown-Die-Hard die-hard-rivrav dan-sherratt-die-hard derek-chatwood-die-hard donald-smith-graphic-design-die-hard die-hard-dr-seuss die-hard-injust07 die-hard-mini-gaming die-hard-popsters dainel-keane-die-hard jay-moon-die-hard jim-rugg-die-hard-1 NewImage2 jim-rugg-die-hard k-bailey-bender-die-hard NewImage3 NewImage4 NewImage5 NewImage6 NewImage7 michael-handlon-die-hard NewImage1 ron-guyatt-die-hard NewImage8 NewImage9 pie-hard-hanksy russ-maschmeyer-die-hard russell-ford-die-hard1 russell-ford-die-hard2 ryan-black-die-hard scott-campbell-die-hard this-is-my-boomstick-die-hard tim-doyle-die-hard wharton-die-hard zaheer-bulsara-die-hard