U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Fri Dec 28 – Sun Dec 30, 2012 (The Hobbit Is The Ringleader, Django Unleashes In 2nd & Warbling Bastillers Crescendo On 3rd)

hobbit_an_unexpected_journey_ver35I’m thinking I’m trying too hard to be clever on the title lines these days.. ‘Warbling Bastillers Crescendo’? Really? Anyway.

As predicted THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY (4,100+ screens) reclaimed the top spot after coming in 3rd on Christmas Day. To be expected when two wide hyped flicks open on you – you’re gonna struggle to hold out on the day.. But once the juggernaut opening of LES MIS and DJANGO settled Wed and Thu – HOBBIT returned to the top on Friday and hasn’t budged since. The film has now sailed past $220m domestically while it added $32.92m to its coffers in the last 3 days. Being its on the largest # of screens it should hold the throne for the week. The other bolstering points here are with the multi-format options there are inflated ticket prices pushing up the grosses too.

In the big surprise for the week Quentin Tarantino’s 166 minute R rated revenge epic DJANGO UNCHAINED (3,010 screens) took out the #2 spot for $30.69m. Since the flick opened on Christmas Day it has grossed $64m and is shaping up to be QT’s highest grossing film of his career. The film should pull down a $140m+ result in the States from here. Below is a look at the QT directed films and where Django is currently sitting..

1. INGLORIOUS BASTERDS – 2009 – $120.5m

2. PULP FICTION – 1994 – $107.9m

3. KILL BILL VOLUME 1 – 2003 – $70.1m

4. KILL BILL VOLUME 2 – 2004 – $66.2m

5. DJANGO UNCHAINED – 2012 – $64m

6. JACKIE BROWN – 1997 – $39.67m

7. GRINDHOUSE – 2007 – $25.04m

8. RESERVOIR DOGS – 1992 – $2.83m

LES MISERABLES (2,814 screens) came in 3rd for $28.03m for the 3 days. The films gargantuan opening day on Xmas where it raked in $18.1m stunned everybody and coasting from there the film has generated $67.4m in domestic box office. On a rumoured production budget of $60m, the film has already passed $100m globally as the territories come on board. This is also the strongest opening weekend for a Russell Crowe starrer since Robin Hood in 2010 ($36m) and Hugh Jackman since X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009 ($85m). From here the film has quite a task ahead to hit the $140m+ mark which  will see the film outgross Tom Hooper’s previous effort THE KINGS SPEECH’s $138.7m domestically. With the awards attention and album sales in full swing there’s definitely sun shining on the film to do so.

PARENTAL GUIDANCE (3,367 screens) surprises on 4th for $14.8m to bring its lifetime gross to $29,6m. On a suggested budget of $25m (all the major cast would have back end deals on this) the film has certainly earned its keep as the only non-reissue family title to hit the top five. My question of ‘Who is this film for?’ has indeed been answered in the States by this result. Walden Media (a children’s film production company) produced the flick (they did the Narnia series) has brought out the families starved of new all ages fodder.

JACK REACHER (3,352 screens) held strongly week on week for #5 with a $14.01m result. Coming off the back of a week 1 weekend of $18m its only 22% off the pace amidst DJANGO’s big haul – its most direct competitor. The film is just shy of $50m domestically and should be able to cross $70m before it bows out. JACK has taken a further $22m in international sales so far. This one’s another $60m production (Tom Cruise Productions co-produced so Tom will have a back end deal like he always does on films he stars in) and as the global roll out continues this week with Australia opening thursday its all eyes on the international to see how high it can go.

THIS IS 40 (2,914 screens) holds 6th place for a $13.19m weekend bringing its domestic cumulative total to $37.1m. From here the film should be able to hit the $60m mark before bowing out and in relation to Judd Apatow directed films let’s see how THIS IS 40 ranks:

1. KNOCKED UP – 2007 -$148.77m

2. THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN – 2005 -$109.45m

3. THIS IS 40 – 2012 – $60m+

4. FUNNY PEOPLE – 2009 – $51.86m

On the limited front it was all the holdovers that did any business with PROMISED LAND being the only newbie to make a mark:

ZERO DARK THIRTY is still kicking ass and taking names for a week 2 result of $315k off 5 screens. That’s a $63k screen average which is almost 4 times higher than THE HOBBIT’s $8k. The film has grossed $1.3m domestically.

PROMISED LAND, the Matt Damon Fracking Movie, took in $190k off 25 screens for a $7.6k screen average. It’s a bit soft for a Matt Damon vehicle and the pedigree of Gus Van Sant alongside Frances McDormand, Hal Holbrook and John Krasinski. The film goes wider this weekend.

THE IMPOSSIBLE took in $184k for the weekend off 15 screens for a $12.3k screen average for a lifetime gross of $484.8m. The film expands nationally this week.

AMOUR takes in another $60k off 3 screens for a $20k screen average. $218k in the coffers now and the film should become Michael Haneke’s 5th highest grossing title in the U.S. before its finished.

Opening this Friday: TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D, THE IMPOSSIBLE (expansion), PROMISED LAND (expansion)

As there’s no real competition, there won’t be much of a change in the top 3 unless TEXAS pulls all the teenager gorefesters out and surprises everybody.

Figures from Collider, Box Office Mojo & Deadline.

 Title Weekend Total
1.  The Hobbit $32,920,000 $222.7
2.  Django Unchained $30,688,000 $64
3.  Les Miserables $28,027,000 $67.4
4.  Parental Guidance $14,800,000 $29.6
5.  Jack Reacher $14,010,000 $44.7
6.  This Is 40 $13,186,000 $37.1
7.  Lincoln $7,509,000 $132
8.  The Guilt Trip $6,700,000 $21.1
9.  Monsters, Inc. (3D) $6,363,000 $18.4
10.  Rise of the Guardians $4,900,000 $90.2