Remembering A Classic Triple Play – Hope Springs / Storms Dressed As Stars / No Satellites – Gersey

Hope SpringsIt’s the end. The el finalito. The last hurrah for 2012. And depending on how you’re seeing out the year there might be music involved. Chances are pretty high I’d say! Anyway I’m closing out 2012 indulging in my fave Aussie band with a back to back to back triple play hit of their 3 albums (4th one is on the way!).

If 2012 has taught me anything in modern music its that the utter laziness and manufactured boredom of modern music. It is as deadly to the industry as Type 2 Diabetes is to people. The proliferation of copy and pasted pop music with over produced, auto tuned and lazy songs charting like nobodies business has made me recoil back to the real roots of music – where MUSICIANS made music, where MUSICIANS constructed songs on real instruments and where MUSICIANS devotion to their work is apparent in every track.

And that’s where I cue in GERSEY.

The Australian Music Scene is (thankfully) so much more than Guy Sebastian, Johnny Ruffo, Kylie Minogue or whatever mass produced clone from one of those Talent shows produce. There is this whole other thriving independent scene living in this country and believe me, no matter where you are from in this little patch of grass called Earth, there is REAL TALENT taking the stages in bars and street festivals across Van Bogan’s Land.

GERSEY, a local Melbourne institution, are one of these absolute diamonds. Made up of high school mates Craig Jackson (bass & vocals), Daryl Bradie (lead guitar), Matt Davis (Rhythm Guitar) & Danny Tulen (Skins basher) GERSEY launched onto the Aussie music scene in 1997 and hit the shelves with an E.P. called ‘Bewilderment Is A Blessing’ in 1999. From there these guys quickly developed a reputation as one of the most impressively talented live acts around and one of the most devout fan bases for an indie outfit I’ve ever encountered.

Their sound is one of massive atmosphere, lyrical personality and bold production. The album that showcases exactly what I mean by that is their first LP, the 2000 classic HOPE SPRINGS. This isn’t an album riddled with 3 minute confections and throwaway pop trash, instead HOPE SPRINGS sets its deeper groove with the wholly atmospheric opener BEING AT YOUR STATION right through to their hugely ambitious and much loved THE BEAUTIFUL LOOK CITY TODAY. (Beautiful Look… is my out and out fave track of theirs) This album is brimming with passion and talent. (The single THEN THERE’S SIRENS is featured as is the album cover art). As you meander your way through the album you’ll encounter the massive title SO LONG SILVER, the wounded SHIFTS & SHUDDERS, GALLANTRY & GRACE (featured below) and other little gems that give you a hint at the promise of what this band is capable of.

Storms Dressed As StarsSo as we leave 200o and skip to 2002 the boys return with their follow up STORMS DRESSED AS STARS. Storms has it’s own identity (as do all the Gersey albums, they are uniquely different from each entry), whereas HOPE SPRINGS dabbled in moody hues, STORMS is a bolder affair. The production is bigger, the songs more experiential and the lyrics more personal. This album is home to the break out heart broken hit CRASHING (a song that wins fans as soon as most anyone hears it and is featured below), the boisterous rock out of LOOK TO THE SUN (featured below) along with the spectacular closer A DAY TO BE CERTAIN (Stay for the ending, stay for the ending!!). The guys have a knack of nailing the closers on all their albums… But there’s so much to enjoy here – THE DAY WE WALKED TO MEXICO, BABY YOU’RE A STRANGE GIRL, LA ZONA ROSA (my fave on this album), WAIT HERE ahh the list goes on.

No SatellitesSo the boys go off an extensively tour STORMS both here and overseas, oh yeah the kids are loved in the States and Europe too. Along comes 2006 and Gersey return with their rockiest effort yet NO SATELLITES. Ripping out the distortion pedals and pumping up the punch, NO SATELLITES is a defiant call to attention to anybody who thought this quartet (well actually a quintet with the addition of keyboardist Drew Pearse) were pinned in a corner of song writing. From the ripping opener of I’M STILL HERE, the fist pumping SMALL CHANGE, the ode to Aus rock in NO LOVE (featured below) to the charging anthem of FIRE the boys once again showed their song writing power. They pull another gem with the closer here SEARCHLIGHTS (featured below – the song also wound up on the TV show SLEEPER CELL) and there’s still nods to the days of old in the classic ROLL OUT THE HEARTBREAKERS, FRACTURES is a radio friendly mega hit still waiting to happen and GRACIE is 3 minutes of fun showing you the boys know how to have a good time.

I hope you get as much of a kick out of these guys as I do and you can find out more over at or stalk em on myspace and facebook like I do. If you’re getting a bit jaded with the chart popping throwaways of today trust me – you need a little Gersey time.



My thanks to AUREVIEW for the TOFF IN TOWN Photo.

From Left: Tulen, Bradie, Davis & Jackson