Rupert Murdoch Tweets ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ ‘Could Inflame Arab World’. Sincere Opinion Or Hidden Agenda?

Rupert MurdochIn one of the more stupid things to come out of the media moguls lips of recent months Rupert Murdoch has tweeted:

“Just saw Zero Dark Thirty. Gripping film but could inflame Arab world. Coming debate on torture should include all sides, but won’t.”

I don’t know about you but the cynic in me says ‘Well his media division has copped an absolute pasting and lost credibility not to mention $$$$ in legal fees so maybe here’s a chance to drum up some ‘news’ he can beat up to ring up the ratings’.. Or he could sincerely mean what he’s written. Problem is in the 2nd line ‘Coming debate on torture should include all sides, but won’t‘ – isn’t that the FOX NEWS mantra where the word TORTURE is interchangeable for any topic and ‘all sides’ means extreme far right? The manipulation and political agenda driving of Murdoch’s FOX NEWS makes him come off here like a complete hypocrite.

As for ZERO DARK THIRTY – guys its based on a true story but in the end it’s just a movie and should be treated as such.

My thanks to NNDB for the image.

What are your thoughts Lowdowners? Honest Tweet or hidden agenda?