Check Out This Test Footage From The Live Action Upcoming Flicks ‘Marvin The Martian’ (Now Canned) & ‘Hong Kong Phooey’

Marvin The MartianRebooting the old cartoon characters for modern day CG live action rendering isn’t new – see SCOOBY DOO, YOGI BEAR, THE EXPENDABLES 1 & 2 (ok that was a joke) – and some survive the process, some don’t.

MARVIN THE MARTIAN unfortunately didn’t survive the full reboot process but here you can check out how it was all going to look thanks to Director Alex Zamm posting this clip (along with a clip from HONG KONG PHOOEY).

HONG KONG PHOOEY, a canine ninja detective hero from the 70’s, is another one presumably going ahead and is voiced by Eddie Murphy.

Zamm directed BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA 2 and is currently finishing of a new LITTLE RASCALS movie.

My thanks to CARTOON BREW for the heads up and the video.